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weekly focus 40 | 17

9. Oktober 2017



ENG: Hello from Hamburg, my current residence and happy place since a few days. After our return from Paris last Monday, we realized a big video production in out flat with, an online shop for designer handbags. Of course I’m really excited about the result and already this week the first part will be launched online. I will let you know as soon as an outcome is visible. ;-)
As I’ve already mentioned within my „teddy coat“ trend report, I flew to Verona for the first time last Friday. The reason for this one-night trip was the sensational Intimissimi On Ice Show, hosted in the open air „Arena di Verona“. The costumes this year were designed by the Italian star blogger Chiara Ferragni. A really fantastic spectacle and a great atmosphere, even Andrea Bocelli with his phenomenal voice had a live performance during the event. After my return from Italy, I spent last weekend very laid-back at home.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week there are several meetings and press days, in addition to that Mango will be hosting a bigger event in the inner city of Hamburg this Thursday and of course I will take you with me on this day via Instagram Stories. On Saturday my beloved Kathleen from „Kathleen Hairdesign“ is going to celebrate a new chapter of her professional career in regards of an own hair salon. As a true hair expert, I can warmly recommend her in questions of the ideal cut, hair extensions or glossing tips, furthermore I’m pretty happy to be her first „customer“ next Monday – juhuuu!
Even concerning our wedding next year, we got finally the commitment for our dream location on Majorca. After two months of waiting, we’re absolutely happy about the confirmation because now we can go with things like „save-the-date“, registry, wedding dress etc. :-)

Favorite post of the week: Trend report | teddy coats

New In: Based on the cold temperatures here in Hamburg, I couldn’t resist anymore and had to buy the Fake-Fur coat from & Other Stories. Via Instagram I’ve already announced last week, that PANDORA has launched its exclusive Disney collection, that is commercially available since 5th October 2017. My very own disney charm from the collection includes a Minnie Mouse, a heart and a Minnie symbol. Should you be Disney and PANDORA fans as well, you can find lots of nice and lovely products online and stationary, there are also DIY products within the Disney collection. It’s definitely worth it.

Enjoy your week!

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#PFW Street Style Looks

8. Oktober 2017

IMG_8428ENG: Now we’re already one week back in Germany with the exception of the event in Verona, and I’m still looking back to the last September week in Paris with pleasure. Even if I’m always happy to come home after a journey, we had really some nice days and exciting moments in the French capital. Not only during Fashion Week, even in general Paris belongs to my favorite cities and most popular destinations, that I’ve seen until now.
For this reason I would like to introduce my preferred looks from that time, similar to the articles of the previous Fashion Weeks. We spent one week in Paris and tried to shoot as much as possible outfits for you, some of them are already posted on Instagram. Should you have questions concerning single pieces, you can gladly leave your feedback below. In this sense:

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weekly focus 38 & 39 | 17

3. Oktober 2017


ENG: After more than 10hours of sleeping I can finally write today’s „weekly focus“ from our own flat in Hamburg. I’m very grateful for the last Fashion Week month but now I’m more than happy to be back at home. We had great conversations, met new and lovely people and gathered so much positive experiences.
Last week started with a day in Disneyland because Pandora invited several blogger to celebrate the Disney collection, that will be available from the 5th October on. From here we moved on to Paris with L’Oréal in order to test some new products, to visit the laboratory as well as to be part of events in regards of the Fashion Week. My personal highlights were definitely the Balmain party and the Sonja Rykiel Show. The big final of our common journey was the L’Oréal Fashion Show at the Champs-Élysées on Sunday. It was a secret project with designer like Balmain, Sonja Rykiel, Off White or Isabel Markant. A really huge spectacle with models like Doutzen Kroes, Stefanie Giesinger, Lena Meyer Landrut or Irina Shayk.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Today our French Bulldog is coming back from a family holiday and as you can imagine we’re so looking forward to it. Tomorrow is a very special day because a production team of the online shop Fashionette is going to produce a small home story, as soon as there will be the first results, I will let you know. :-) On Friday I’m going to fly to Verona for being part of the legendary Intimissimi ice show, the motto this year: „A Legend of Beauty“! I’m already so excited and will definitely take you with me Friday evening.

Favorite post of the week: Aigner Store in Hamburg – Street Style

New In: In Milan I couldn’t resist anymore, I just had to buy my new Gucci sneaker in the color combination red and blue. For some time I was so keen on this model and since the purchase I’m wearing them almost every day. In addition to that I’ve ordered some lovely pieces at Edited: a red colored vinyl skirt, a black colored vinyl pants as well as an oversized coat in rose. Last but not least I’ve finally got the perfect „ear cuff“, Loren Stewart sent me an amazing model of its limited Net-A-Porter collection. A very eventful but also thankful week.

Enjoy your week!

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Paris Fashion Week with Nike Air Max Jewell

9. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce my second look from Paris being more sportive and casual than those ones for designer shows or exclusive events. Generally during the Fashion Weeks, I am not necessarily wear the most comfortable shoes, so that this time I was pretty happy about the delivery of the new Air Max Jewell from Nike in black. This easy and functional sneaker is not only a benefit for the feet but also a very stylish foundation for several kinds of outfit combinations for a whole range of occasions from my point of view. Look yourselves and find your favorite Air Max at
I have decided for the sneaker combination with a black vinyl trousers and a casual sweater from Dolce & Gabbana. The colorful highlight is the conspicuous red bag, that is also a product from D&G and likewise the perfect rounding of this unconstrained look. For me this outfit is a lovely mix of sportive accents, paired with stylish fashion highlights and therefore absolutely suited to daily use.
After wearing the Nike Air Max Jewell, I have acquired a taste once again for this and further Sneaker as the perfect footwork

Do you like the look and mix of the different styles?

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weekly focus 09 ´17

6. März 2017


ENG: I am back from Paris and the Fashion Week marathon, in fairness I am looking forward to the next weeks in Hamburg because I can now better handle and focus on our upcoming move. Not only in Paris, but also in Milan and London before, I was allowed to realize inspiring shows, interesting events as well as exciting meetings. Even if it was my first stay in London this year, Paris is and remains my favorite concerning fashion and lifestyle. The selection of hip labels is huge there, even the dress style of many Parisian if very inspiring and influential. The end of my stay consisted of a common VOGUE film shooting with Lena, the topic of the four-part film series is „Being a blogger“ and I am already pretty excited about the results.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week I have to spent a lot of time at the desk in order to work on administrative issues as well as for further planning our move. The pleasant anticipation to our new flat is growing on a daily base but until the final moving it is still a long way. In general I am looking forward to the next weeks in Hamburg because I can spend more time with my cute French bulldog because in the end there is no place like home. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus 08 ´17

New In: During the last week I was convinced by the new H&M trend division arrivals, so that I had directly to order new pieces from this collection. I have decided in this context for this lovely one shoulder blouse, a volant blouse in rose as well as a blue colored tulle dress. At Westwing in turn I have found a rose colored velvet pouf, a clothes rail in white and some stylish lighting letters. The new flat is slowly suited to be furnished. :-)

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Street Style from Paris

4. November 2016


ENG: Haaahhh, it would be silly to think, if I would not have a further, suited look from Paris for you in order to counter the bad weather at the moment. In fact I have some looks from this time in reserve, that I would like to show you soon on the blog. :-)
Today I would like to introduce a very uncomplicated but also stylish look. I am wearing a plaid oversized blouse with a casual Levi’s jeans, a beige colored wool coat as well as the nude Aquazzura heels with the matching color Fendi Peekabo bag. Based on my current stay in Berlin, I have to be brief and let the images speak for themselves concerning the look. :-)

I hope you like the look as much as I do.

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red oversized knit in Paris

30. Oktober 2016


ENG: Crazy, how fast time is running at the moment. I have still some looks left from my time in Paris during this year’s Fashion Week and today I would like introduce such an outfit. This look belongs definitely to my favorites based on its high comfort, style factor and protection against the bad autumn weather.
In general I am not a person with lots of different colors in an outfit, unless it is about pink and rose. ;-) With regard to this red colored Oversized sweater I could not resist and just had to go for it. Under the sweater I am wearing a long, plaid blouse in black and white as well as a Levi’s jeans. My footwear is a black leather version with an open heel, it is the perfect outfit rounding from my point of view based its matching color with the further accessories: sunglasses and bag.

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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off shoulder & balenciaga boots #PFW ´16

9. Oktober 2016


ENG: Already one week is over since coming back from Paris and I am still thinking every day back of the wonderful and funny time. Lena and me have complemented one another very well while the shootings, so that I would now like to introduce a further look from the time of the Parisian Fashion Week, that also belongs to one of my personal favorites.
Off shoulder blouses were unconsciously neglected by myself in recent times until this charming piece has arrived me. I really love this blouse and have combined it in this case with a very comfortable Levi’s jeans as well as the rough Balenciaga boots. As spot of color I have furthermore decided for the Gucci Marmont made of velvet and I still have to say, that the purchase of this bag was definitely a good decision.
BTW – I have fallen in love with a further velvet bag. Can you already imagine, which one I mean? ;-)

What do you think about this outfit?

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weekly focus #39

3. Oktober 2016


ENG: An exciting and lovely week is over, everything started with a launch presentation of the new basic collection from Westwing, followed by a great time in Paris from last Thursday on. Lena Lademann and me have stayed in the French fashion metropolis for four days, the time common time on-the-spot was incredible funny but also very productive. My highlights were the presentation from Cartier in a dreamful Parisian city mansion, the fabulous Sandro spring collection, on which you can be rightly anxious as well as the unique Kaviar Gauche show in collaboration with Catrice. For this spectacle I will create an own blog post soon based on the plurality of my impressions from this event. Yesterday I had to leave Paris in order to celebrate my cousins‘ wedding and for giving this exciting week the perfect completion. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: Having barely arrived in Germany, I have to pack my suitcase again because my boyfriend and I will travel to Istanbul from tomorrow on. The Turkish metropolis and its lovely people always captivate us, even this time the pleasant anticipation for my second home is unbroken. Istanbul is and remains a special city for us based on the previous great moments, all in all Istanbul combines an unique position with a multifunctional cityscape, so that a visit is more than recommendable from my point of view. We are already looking forward to the next days, as you already know me, you can attend me via Instagram and Snapchat (@Aylin_Koenig) for giving you insights and sharing impressions together.

Your favorite post of the weekweekly focus #38

New In: Based on the fact, that I was on the move last week, I have actually nothing to tell you about new achievement but truth be told, this circumstance is even fine for me, when considering the exciting time. ;-) It is just the opposite occurred because I have sent back the mini version of the Chloé Faye bag, this one was too small and impractical for me, so that I have to put you in mind of next week. :-)
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Paris Fashion Week – Pink and Grey -PFW

2. Oktober 2016


ENG: How much I love this city! Paris is every time again an insane inspiration and joy based on its incredible pleasant, open-minded and stylistically confident people, rounded off the dreamful city core with impressive buildings. This is even nicer because I can spend this time with the cute Lena, so we can share our impressions together.
For today’s look I have chosen, similar to New York, my beloved pleated skirt in combination this thick oversized cardigan in pink. The colors pink and grey fit so well with each other from my point of view, so that I have also grabbed the matching color Chloé Faye bag. The Gucci Princetown loafer cares for a certain coolness within this look, thus the Fashion Week is more than comfortable for me with this outfit combination. ;-)

Do you like this combination?

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