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Creatista Plus von Nespresso – Barista Feeling für zuhause

15. September 2017



ENG: Who of you don’t know the smell and taste experience of a freshly brewed coffee?! Especially in the morning hours I’m a true epicure, I love the moment coming into the kitchen and start the day with a beneficial coffee. To be honest I belong to those persons, that don’t need a long-lasting breakfast, when a good coffee is available. This is definitely something I cannot miss.
Some of you probably know, that we own a fully automatic coffee machine but as I’ve recently got the request from Nespresso to try the new Creatista Plus model, I didn’t need much time to say yes. For me it’s always exciting to taste new and multifunctional coffee flavours. This coffee machine is the first one from Nespresso that allows milk based coffee variations on a very high quality level. All in all there are eight different textures for the perfect match of a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

DE: Wer kennt ihn nicht, den Duft und das Geschmackserlebnis eines frisch zubereiteten Kaffees. Vor allem morgens bin ich eine richtige Genießerin, ich liebe den Moment in die Küche zu kommen und mit einem wohltuenden Kaffee in den Tag zu starten. Ehrlich gesagt bin ich sogar die Sorte Mensch, die morgens gut und gerne mal auf ein ausgiebiges Frühstück verzichten kann, sofern aber natürlich ein guter Kaffee vorhanden ist. Auf diesen kann ich nämlich nur sehr ungern verzichten.
Einige von euch wissen sicherlich, dass wir zu Hause auch einen Vollautomaten besitzen aber als mich kürzlich die Anfrage erreichte, ob ich das neue Creatista Plus Modell von Nespresso ausprobieren möchte, habe ich natürlich nicht lange gezögert, da mir besonders das Ausprobieren von verschiedenen Kaffee-Flavour-Variationen viel Freude bereitet. Es handelt sich hierbei um die erste Kaffeemaschine von Nespresso, die milchbasierte Kaffeevariationen auf höchstem Qualitätsniveau ermöglicht. Es gibt insgesamt 8 verschiedene Texturen für die optimal abgestimmte Zubereitung eines Cappuccinos oder Latte Macchiatos.

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Lifestyle, Outfit

Der Berliner Mode Salon | Nespresso On Ice

12. Juli 2017


ENG: Back in Hamburg I still gladly look back on the nice time at the Berlin Fashion Week. Especially the get-together with friends and well-known faces is always fun, so we were very enthusiastic in regards of the group exhibition of the „Berliner Mode Salon“, a platform for the support of renowned as well as young German fashion designer. For me this event is kind of a must-have in my schedule based on the great atmosphere, the inspirational fashion and open-minded people.
We started the day with a lot of rain but in the afternoon we had the perfect weather conditions with sunshine and temperatures around 30 degrees. Enjoyment was the main topic this day, even Nespresso as first-time supporter of the „Berliner Mode Salon“ launched its new Limited Edition „Iced Coffee“ creations in two different flavors. Together with my beloved Lisa Hahnbueck and Dennis from „Dennmitch“ we were allowed to test these new types of coffee and it was really an enjoyment to the fullest.
On the one hand it is the INTENSO ON ICE, a rather strong coffee with grain and cocoa notes for an intensiv taste experience. Prepared as Latte Macchiato, this flavor is a very recommendable alternative for the real coffee pleasure. On the other hand there is the limited LEGGERO ON ICE, a mild and fruity coffee. Prepared as black ice coffee, this one is characterized by its refreshing citrus notes. Nespresso developed this coffee for the iced enjoyment on warm summer days, my flavorful preferred sort is the „Intense on Ice“, nevertheless both variations guarantee a delicious and succeeded refreshment.

Hereinafter you can see some impressions from this great event. Have fun! :-)
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enliven your mornings

27. Mai 2016


ENG: What about the morning of a full-time blogger? Are there specific daily routines? Today I would like to introduce a typical morning for me.
Every day starts at that time, when my boyfriend is leaving our flat for getting to his workplace. Based on the fact, that we are the owner of a loving and trusting French bulldog, cuddling is an important part of my morning routine. After that I am getting ready for the day in the bathroom and receive the first packages from the parcel carriers. ;-)
Even as a teenager I already got a cup of coffee from my grandmother at regular intervals, of course with a huge milk share. From the start I have loved the full-bodied taste, this very day I prepare myself every morning a big cup of coffee after my bathroom routine. One of my favorite coffees are those from Nespresso based on their great quality, the wide selection and an affordable price-performance ratio. I am drinking periodically different coffee varieties, therefore I would like to introduce my favorite one at the moment, the Nespresso „Envivo Lungo“ with an intensity of 9 as the most intensive Grand Cru of the different Lungo variations. It is predestinated for the enjoyable morning coffee, even with some milk the „Envivo Lungo“ does not loose its intensity and the distinctive flavor. The dark roasted coffee is a composition of precious arabica beans from India and a Mexican robusta. The roasted flavor and the sensual scent remind of oak spice, gingerbread and caramel. With the Envivo Lungo there are now 24 Premium Grand Crus permanent available within the Nespresso coffee product range, 10 capsules of this coffee cost 3.70 EUR from today on.
During drinking my coffee every morning, I am also checking my mails. This part of my morning routine is very important to me based on the fact, that no chief is waiting and the whole responsibility is up to me. An energy loaded kick-start every morning just belongs to me in order to start the day buoyant. As soon as I have answered my mails and prepared photos and posts, I am walking with my dog around the Alster.

What about your daily routines? Are you also a fan of the Nespresso coffee experts?

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