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Girls Day in LA | Melrose Avenue

5. Mai 2017


ENG: Maybe you have already recognized, that I am a birthday girl this week and that I was allowed to spend my great day in Los Angeles with friends. I could start the day in the early morning with a laid birthday table and a good mood, at lunchtime we stopped at Gracias Madre and combined it with a relaxed coffee break at Alfred Coffee Melrose Avenue. The culmination this day was a delicious dinner at the Mama Shelter Hotel, on whose rooftop we could let a wonderful day come to the end with refreshing drinks and a beautiful L.A. panorama view.
At this special day Laura and me decided for a beauty look in collaboration with Catrice Cosmetics. Laura made a decision for soft Rosé tones and a special accentuation of the eye area, whereas I highlighted my look with a conspicuous lipstick color. Hereinafter I would like to introduce my approach concerning the product usage.

My Make-Up Step by Step

I started with the new Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer, that takes care for a perfect priming and a nice face glow. After that I chose the Liquid Camouflage Concealer for the elimination of eye contours, the Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen in turn could ensure highlights on the cheekbones, under the brow bones, on my nasal bridge as well as at my chin. One of my preferred products is the classical eyebrows pen based on my preference for the accentuation of eyebrows in general, this time I could also fix them with the Eyebrow Filler. With regard to my birthday I even decided for a glossy eyeshadow shade from the Copper Eyeshadow palette, that I am using regularly in the meantime. For creating a rather natural look, I decided furthermore for the Multi Matt Blush 010, the lower eyelashes are the result of the Lash Dresser Comb Mascara. Last but not least and as indicated above, I made a decision for a strong lipstick in terms of my favored color Pinker Bell in order to get the perfect L.A. make-up from my perspective.

What do you think about this make-up look? You can find more information about Laura on her blog.

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