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All black street style look | Edited knit sweater

1. Dezember 2017


ENGGood morning from Hamburg, where winter has arrived fully. Yet, I don’t want that to drag me down, because the colder it is, the more cozy knitted jumpers and oversized coats are.
Still, I didn’t style a coat for this outfit, because the different pieces are in perfect harmony without it already. The main pieces of this look is the black knitted jumper by Edited the Label. With a couple of color highlights such as the Bouquet fabric of the Chanel Bag and the red stripes on the Gucci shoes, it already turns into a stylish outfit, even though I kept it all-black for a change. But if that’s not really your thing – the same cozy jumper is also available in blue and blush – so anyone will find the right color. I found the bag, which is one of my absolute favorite shoulder bags via Vite EnVogue – it’s such a classy small bag, and adds a glamourous touch to the outfit. I finished the look with a Beanie by Acne – also in black – and I was prepared for the cold winds up North :-)

Do you like the all-black look?

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Outfit, Weekly Focus

weekly focus 42 | 17

23. Oktober 2017

ENG: An exciting Week is over, in which I spent most of time away from Hamburg. We started our travels on Wednesday, when we flew to Paris with Cartier, to take part in a perfume presentation. We were able to get a look at the incredibly inspiring headquarter of Cartier Fragrances and visit the Palais de Tokyo, to see the so called #OSNI 1 Cube, which is a small glass complex, made after the image of a dice. Only two people are allowed to step inside the cube at a time and, walking up a small spiral staircase, you walk straight into a cloud of the new Cartier “L`Envol”. This experience is really difficult to explain, but the presentation was just sensational.
Then, last Friday, we went straight to Berlin to celebrate the new Mercedes Benz X-Class. We were picked up by a shuttle and, up until then, didn’t know anything about the location, since it was a secret event with guest-list-only access. The name of the show was #60minuteswithX and created an amazing atmosphere with live acts like German musicians such as Tim Bendzko, Kool Savas, and Sido. We spent the rest of the weekend with friends and family at home in Hamburg.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week we are actually not traveling as much as usually, but we have a list of meetings and events in Hamburg. Tomorrow for example, we have an event with Edited the Label, where I will obviously take you with me through my Instagram Stories. Apart from that I am really excited for next Saturday, because Juliane (Styleshiver) and I are hosting a Blogger-Flea Market along with and at Second-Ella in the Hamburg city centre. I am going to connect the official Facebook-Event here and would love to see and meet you from 10am-2pm!

Favorite post of the week: trend report | oversized knit sweater

New In: Last week, I got the controversial Balenciaga triple S Sneaker, that are currently sold out everywhere. I had a large number of questions and enquiries if I might want to sell them. Indeed, the Sneaker do look rather big and “massive”, but that is also just their character and charm. Right now I am still quiet torn whether I want to sell them or not, but will definitely keep you posted through my Instagram Stories. Furthermore, I got the perfect pink knitted sweater from Edited, which I have already shown you here last week. Apart from that we had some rather quiet days, which has me even more excited of Saturday – since it will be the perfect opportunity to make some space in my closet. I will be relentless when it comes to finding pieces for the Blogger-Flea-Market ;-) Continue Reading…


pink oversized knit | Edited & Chanel sneaker

18. Oktober 2017


ENG: Bonjour from Paris – at the moment I’m staying in the city of love with Cartier in order to learn more about the new ‚OSNI‘ perfume at the Palais de Tokyo. Nevertheless I would now like to introduce a further look for the current transition period from Hamburg, for me the perfect combination of chick and casual elements as the ideal foundation for daily use.
In detail it’s about a really nice and comfortable oversized knitted sweater from the latest Edited the label autumn collection. The knitted sweater has not only an amazing color but also a soft material, an appealing cut and is therefore ideally suitable for the cold season. I’ve decided for the combination with a grey colored satin skirt and my greatly loved Chanel sneaker based on their matching colors fit. Concerning the accessories I’ve consciously made my choice for black colored pieces for creating a smooth and harmonious feeling within this look.

What do you think about this look? Do you like the combination with the knitted sweater?

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one shoulder blouse | Chanel Slingback heels

30. Juli 2017


ENG: For the sake of variety I would like to introduce a street style look from Hamburg today. Even in recent past I predominantly wore summery dresses and kimonos, although I’m still a huge street style fan, when considering the diverse combining opportunities.
With regard to today’s look I have decided for an one shoulder blouse from Edited the Label in combination with a destroyed jeans and my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag. I’m continually getting  so much   demands concerning this bag and could wear it every day. The blouse itself can be combined in a chick and casual way, especially the exposed shoulder is definitely an eye-catcher. While the jeans ensures the casual part, the Chanel Slingback heels form the perfect outfit rounding in an elegant manner.
By the way I’m also owning the one shoulder blouse in the blue/white striped version, that is also versatile and absolutely recommendable.

What do you think about this look? Happy Sunday!

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weekly focus 26 | 17

4. Juli 2017


ENG: A very eventful week is over and today I would like to use the „weekly focus“ to look back on these exciting days. Everything started with a flight to London, where we were hosted by Net-A-Porter to the Summer Sports Day at the idyllic Soho Farmhouse. For me it was definitely one of the best events in the recent past based on the perfect organization as well as the positive energy of all contact persons and participants that day. We had so much fun, therefore I will publish a separate post this week with more detailed information about the day’s procedure, my physical activities as well as my outfits that day.
From London I took a direct flight to Greece in order to join a girls trip hosted by the Hell&Karrer PR agency. We were allowed to sleep in the beautiful Sani Dunes 6 stars hotel as the perfect place for peace, comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. As brand partner Dior Make-Up, Juvia, Lancaster and Seafolly were on the spot, in addition to that Laura and me took over the Instyle Germany Instagram account last Friday, where we shared our looks and hotel impressions. Have you recognized the take over? Did you like our picture selection?

Favorites of the week

To Do: At the moment we are staying in Berlin for participating in shows and events of this year’s Fashion Week. In collaboration with CATRICE we are sleeping in the amazing Hotel de Rome in close connection to the State Opera, it is the perfect retreat of an exciting program during the next days with fashion, lifestyle and beauty related events. As you know me, I will share the majority of my impressions via Instagram and co. with you. Since a few years I am a regular participant of the Berlin Fashion Week, that is honestly not as glamorous and pompous as those in Paris or New York but it allows continually the get-together of well-known faces within the fashion industry as well as the exciting interaction with other blogger and brands. In the end of this week I would also like to share a small review of my personal insights, impressions and outfits here in and from Berlin.

Your favorite post of the week:  weekly focus 25 | 17

New In: In London my shopping heart is exploded because I could finally get the last pair of the Dior „J‘ ADIOR“ Slingback heels, that were on my wish list for some time. In addition to that I could not resist to buy the new, dark blue MIU MIU fur slides with studs based on their high comfort and the stylish combining opportunities. From Net-A-Porter I have received this fabulous statement sunglasses from Chloé, a black colored Prada beach bag and this cute, mint green maxi dress. Last but not least I was very happy about the surprise package from Topshop in terms of a girlfriend jeans and this casual, rose colored in-between coat.

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Outfit, Travel

Santa Monica | stripes

28. April 2017


ENG: Until now I associated Los Angeles as cool spot with a modern and easy lifestyle but not necessarily as nice and idyllic city. However as we drove to Santa Monica beach for a daily trip last Tuesday, it had happened to me. I am totally in love with the bright beach sections, cute cafés, huge waves, the lifestyle feeling and open-minded people, so I directly had to shoot my first look at one of the diverse lifeguard tower.
The outfit’s centre is certainly the striped one shoulder top from Edited the Label, I am so addicted to the top, that I even own a second one of it in black in the meantime. The one shoulder piece is stylish and comfortable likewise, it can be used in different ways of combinations and is suited for a day on the beach or in the city at the same time. I am combining the top with a simple cropped jeans, my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer in metallic pink as well as my Chanel bag, that I already spotted several times between West Hollywood and Santa Monica. ;-) We have some plans in mind for the upcoming days and will further share our honest impressions via Instagram with you, in addition to that we have already prepared some video footage, that will be introduced very soon.

What do you think about this look? Sunny greetings from California!

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camel coat x Kate Spade NY

12. April 2017


ENG: Back in Germany I could unpack my new delivery from Kate Spade NY with great joy based on this amazing oversized coat and the pink colored Isobel bag. You know my passion for coats in general, this time I am especially addicted to the coat’s camel pattern. The trademark of the Kate Spade NY label is the love for flashy colors, graphical prints and playful designs. The luxurious bags and accessories of the brand express vitality and combine style and fun in a particular way, for me a succeeded and very recommendable mix auf luxury and pleasure.
I am combining these pieces with a white colored blouse, a ripped jeans as well as my beloved Chanel Slingback pumps as color-coordinated match with the coat. The conspicuous bag screams for Spring and happiness and has also the perfect size for daily use – love it! :-)

What do you think about this look? Do you know the brand Kate Spade NY?

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Vetements hoodie & Gucci Princetown metalic pink

28. März 2017

Aylin Koenig_07

ENG: Long sleeves and oversized coats belong definitely to the current fashion trends, for sure these products are not necessarily part of the daily routine but it looks always very stylish and casual. I have already fallen in love with this trend and like conspicuous sleeves in any form this season, no matter if bell or trumpet shape, even as oversized product they have a high style factor from my point of view.
Recently I have got a request from for discovering their popular pieces within the womenswear exclusive collection. In this context I have decided for this beautiful, grey colored hoodie as well as the classical camel coat, both products belong the brand Vetements, that is famed for its exaggerated proportions and the elevated streetwear. I have combined these products with a two tones jeans, my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer in metallic pink as well as the Chanel bag. At you can find a variety of fancy and special pieces, the homepage exhibits a huge style and fashion character, so that it is getting more and more my preferred inspiration and shopping source.

What do you think about this look?

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weekly focus 12 | 17

27. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce my first weekly focus from our new flat and it feels so great. Yesterday we have spontaneously started with the first packing cases and could already establish a rather homely atmosphere after our wooden floorboards were cultivated once again. During the next days everything will be finished and I am already looking forward to it. As soon as everything is done, I will let you know via Instagram Stories! :-)
Maybe you have recognized, that I was invited to Frankfurt over the weekend by s.Oliver in order to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new Fusion Collection. The event and fashion show were absolutely worth seeing and attractively displayed, the whole atmosphere in the festival hall was exuberant. Soon there will follow a more detailed post about it here on the blog. In addition to that I have visited a lovely friend for getting a hair refreshment and I can highly recommend her for issues concerning balayage, hair densification and cut. She is a specialist in this matters here in Hamburg, so just let me know, should you be interested in her contact data.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Hard to believe but this week we will finally head to the Maldives and my pleasant anticipation is huge by now. Until then, we will try to furnish our flat as far as possible for enjoying the Maldives paradise to the full. As you know it from previous trips, I will take you with me via my different Social Media channels.

Your favorite post of the weekEscada Fiesta Carioca | Tenerife (btw – don´t miss the amazing giveaway)

New In: Before heading to the Maldives, I have got this beautiful beach jacket. Furthermore I have ordered these statement earrings at Mango as well as this blouse at Mango. Unfortunately I have sinned at mytheresa in terms of this amazing, nude colored mules from Prada but this also means: Now all we need is the Spring! :-)
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Gucci Marmont shoes in gold & Joseph Coat

15. Januar 2017


ENG: Tomorrow I will head to Berlin for the upcoming five days in order to attend the Fashion Week and multiple events on-the-spot. I am already looking forward to all the lovely and well-known faces, my cooperation partner and of course the events and shows itself. The year 2017 has started with a great meeting with Net-A-Porter and I am so glad, that we will work more closely together during the next weeks and months.
For Berlin I have got a very cool delivery from the shop and as you know me, I would like to introduce the products via Instagram and the blog little by little. In this case I am wearing a dreamful dark blue oversized coat from Joseph, that is combined with a beige colored mohair sweater and a straight cut two-tones jeans. So what should I say?! Repeat offender!!!! I am loving the red colored Gucci Marmont shoes so much, that I just had to own them in gold as well for the next season. As suited accessories I have finally decided for the brown hued Gucci sunglasses as well as the small Louis Vuitton bag.
I wish all of you a cozy Sunday…

Do you like this look?

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