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statement sleeves | white & grey

12. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce an outfit, that is especially affected by one certain aspect: the wide flared sleeves. There is nothing like statement sleeves at the moment, their versatility and high style factor are suited for so much different kinds of occasions from my point of view.
In this case I have decided for the variation of a simple, white colored sweater with such extra long sleeves, combined with a tight, grey jeans and a plaid coat. As color compatible accessories, I have furthermore grabbed a black cashmere beanie and the Balenciaga boots. The outfit’s completion consisted of the Chloé Faye bag with a colorful Fendi strap in order to give the look that certain something. I have already shown this outfit on Instagram and now I am really excited about your feedback here on the blog, in this sense:

What do you think about this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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pink coat & Balenciaga boots

21. Dezember 2016


ENG: My preference for rose colored pieces of clothing has reached a new dimension with this dreamful quilted coat. As I saw the coat for the first time, it had happened around me, I just had to grab the jacket. With regard to this coat a casual combination is very important from my point of view in order to avoid a too girlish look. Therefore I have decided for a destroyed jeans, a grey cardigan as well as the rough Balenciaga ceinture boots. Together with the classical Yves Saint Laurent bag and my beloved grey ACNE beanie there is the perfect look for the cold days, that is also suitable for everyday life.

What do you think – do you like the look?  Try to enjoy the pre-christmas time as much as possible.

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pink oversized sweater

9. Dezember 2016


ENG: Even if this sweater is very conspicuous and keeps in mind in most instances, I am wearing it gladly and love the different variation possibilities. In Paris I have decided for the combination with a skirt, in this case I have chosen a narrow destroyed jeans as well as my beloved Balenciaga boots. Based on the perfect match between beige and rose colored pieces from my point of view, the oversized coat was the logical implication, in addition to that I have determined the „LOVE“ bag as the appropriate model for some time. All in all a very casual and suited to daily use look.

What do you think? Enjoy your weekend.

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weekly focus #46

21. November 2016


ENG: Last week started with a great meeting, I hope to tell you more about it very soon, so please cross your fingers for me, that everything will be fine in this context. In Hamburg the Alsterhaus has opened the new luxury hall with a big welcome party, unfortunately I could not attend the event but you should definitely come over, it is worth it. Instead I have spent this evening in Berlin with in order to visit the Bunte New Faces Award. Apropos, you should drop in to because you can get 20% discount of your purchase with the code „AYLIN20“. At the weekend we have celebrated a great family birthday in our home town with delicious food and drinks.

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week we will stay in Hamburg for meeting friends and to tune ourselves in the pre-christmas feeling, before it will be more exciting in the end of November. In addition to that we want to use the time for further driving blog projects and preparing the Cyber week as exciting as possible for you. In the end of this week we will have Black Friday, therefore I am going to collect all interesting discounts and codes for you here on the blog. On Cyber Monday next week I will also take over the Snapchat and Instagram Stories Account from!!! Turn on our devices. :-)

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus #45

New In: Last week I was probably a bit to shopping addicted but there were so much great pieces I just had to order. On Pinterest I have been inspired by red Gucci shoes, that are in stock at the online shop luisaviaroma and as fate would have it even the new model with a flat heel was available – love it! At Asos however I could find a rose colored down coat, a black paint pants as well as a stylish jogging pants from adidas. Finally I could also find my beloved Ray-Ban Round Metal sunglasses with rose mirrored lenses. :-)

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golden skirt with balenciaga ceinture boots

18. November 2016


ENG: This winter I am totally addicted to pleated and silk skirts. The combination of a chick skirt and rough cardigan makes me so happy at the moment, I could wear these pieces the whole day. As change in style the Balenciaga Ceinture boots and my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer are qualified for diverse looks based on their product own coolness.
This time I have decided for a gold colored metallic skirt in combination with a thick oversized cardigan and the Balenciaga boots. The classical Saint Laurent bag and my beloved Gucci belt represent the perfect accessories for this look from my point of view. In spite of the cold weather the shooting was a lot of fun based on the high outfit comfort and style factor likewise.

What do you think about the look?

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off shoulder & balenciaga boots #PFW ´16

9. Oktober 2016


ENG: Already one week is over since coming back from Paris and I am still thinking every day back of the wonderful and funny time. Lena and me have complemented one another very well while the shootings, so that I would now like to introduce a further look from the time of the Parisian Fashion Week, that also belongs to one of my personal favorites.
Off shoulder blouses were unconsciously neglected by myself in recent times until this charming piece has arrived me. I really love this blouse and have combined it in this case with a very comfortable Levi’s jeans as well as the rough Balenciaga boots. As spot of color I have furthermore decided for the Gucci Marmont made of velvet and I still have to say, that the purchase of this bag was definitely a good decision.
BTW – I have fallen in love with a further velvet bag. Can you already imagine, which one I mean? ;-)

What do you think about this outfit?

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blue dress & balenciaga ceinture boots

25. September 2016


ENG: As I have seen this dress in the store, it happened right around me! You know, how much I love oversized dresses and then this incredible nice color. I knew immediately, that I would combine this beautiful dress with my Balenciaga boots in order to create kind of an edgy look. As suited bag to the dress and boots I have decided for the Chloé Faye as appropriate color contrast from my point of view.
In Hamburg we have some lovely and sunny days at the moment, nevertheless I am a bit sad, that I will probably not get the chance again for wearing the dress this year because all in all it is just too cold meanwhile. Even more I am considering the look from this year’s New York Fashion Week in a positive way and already look forward to the next, suited occasion for wearing the dress again. :-)

Do you like the combination and dress color?

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white, green & black – NYFW

18. September 2016


ENG: One of my favored New York looks is that one I have worn during the Scotch & Soda presentation, that I have visited with Sandra from Black Palms. On Instagram I were already asked several times concerning the green skirt, this one belongs to the current Scotch & Soda collection. Besides the skirt, I am wearing an oversized top in white as well as my new Gucci belt with two additional wholes for using it waisted and regular. Of course even in New York my beloved Balenciaga boots are not allowed to miss because I am of the opinion, that they are predestinated for this look and the city’s street style. Based on the fact, that Sandra needed my Saint Laurent bag for her own outfit, I have taken a chance for using her velvet Chanel for my own one and I have to say, that I love this bag so much. :-)

What do you think about our looks?

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weekly focus #28

18. Juli 2016


ENG: As I have already announced, I have spent a lot of time with accounting and organizing themes during the last days, unfortunately this part also belongs to the work as a self-employed person.
Finally I have found my way to the gym and I am very motivated to achieve results because we are planning a short summer holiday in August. Concerning the destination we are still unsure… Sardinia, Santorini, Ibiza or maybe Mallorca? Do you maybe have good ideas or hotel tips?
My highlight last week was the delivery of the dreamful Fendi bag from Rebelle. During the Fashion Week in Berlin I have attended a competition at the Blogger Bazaar HQ and I am the lucky winner of the Fendi Peekaboo bag. Awesome! :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week there are some events in the evening I am already looking forward to. In addition to that I want to finalize our holiday and New York plans. Apart from that I have high expectations concerning the weather this week because the forecast promises a lot of sunshine and hot temperatures, otherwise I would be depressed here in Hamburg.

Your favorite post of the week: army jacket & rainbow shoes

New In: Ohh I am totally in love with my new, classical Gucci Jordaan loafer from LUISAVIAROMA because of their great combining opportunities. In addition to that I have got a new Ray-Ban sunglasses in the color combination gold-lila, even at Avenue32 I am looking every day for new products and have already ordered this dreamful dress from Lisa Marie Fernandez with the perfect cut for me. Last but not least I have also decided for a Mom jeans, a stripped oversized blouse as well as this beautiful trendcoat at Edited, by the way the trendcoat is a sale product at the moment. :-)

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white dress with Balenciaga boots

15. Juli 2016


ENG: One of my best purchases this year was probably that one of my beloved Balenciaga boots because I am totally addicted to the combination of feminine dresses and rough boots at the moment. In this case I am wearing the boots with my new lace dress from Edited, connected with a small belt as well as the simple Saint Laurent bag.
Black on white, lace on rough boots – There is no such thing as impossible! However I am a huge fan of this combination and I feel always comfortable in it.

What do you think about this look?

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