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weekly focus 13 | 17

3. April 2017


ENG: Best wishes from the Maldives, the paradise on earth! I have no words to express, how incredibly beautiful and idyllic this place is. The ocean is crystal clear, the beaches are snow-white, palms are lush green and fishes are inconceivable colorful. As you recognize, I am very euphoric and this is based on the fact, that I can now and officially call myself „fiancée“. Yes, after our almost nine-year-old relationship I have got a marriage proposal at a dreamful sunset on our private terrace and of course I am so happy at the moment. The exhausting arrival with more than 18 hours was absolutely worth it, we really enjoy every second and will record the variety on impressions for you during the next days.
Currently we are staying at the amazing Amari Havodda being located 400 kilometers south of the capital Malé and thus it is almost on the same level like the equator. The humidity is high in fact but the scenery in terms of the sun, seawater and the absolute silence is just phenomenal and for me the dream on paradise on earth come true. Our retreat consists of an overwater villa with an own access to the ocean as well as an open air bathroom, most of the time we are snorkeling and could already spot some dolphins and baby sharks, unfortunately turtles were not part of our underwater activities so far.
Rarely I have recommended something with so much own enthusiasm like this place and you can be sure, that I will share further impressions during the next days with you.

Favorites of the week:

To Do: So, what can I say?! We are enjoying our time here to the full and we will further create appealing content, even a short mood video is planned but concerning the result I would like give no guarantees. ;-) On the top of the to do list is definitely the viewing of turtles, cross your fingers, that we will be successful. On Tuesday we will head to the Park Hyatt and of course we are already looking forward to it.

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New In: For the holiday I have got these statement slipper from Givenchy. In addition to that I have ordered an amazing dress and blouse as one shoulder products but I have not received them before the official departure. From Net-A-Porter I have surprisingly received the red colored Dolce & Gabbana bag as a gift and I am now more than happy to call it my own. :-)
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Paris Fashion Week with Nike Air Max Jewell

9. März 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce my second look from Paris being more sportive and casual than those ones for designer shows or exclusive events. Generally during the Fashion Weeks, I am not necessarily wear the most comfortable shoes, so that this time I was pretty happy about the delivery of the new Air Max Jewell from Nike in black. This easy and functional sneaker is not only a benefit for the feet but also a very stylish foundation for several kinds of outfit combinations for a whole range of occasions from my point of view. Look yourselves and find your favorite Air Max at
I have decided for the sneaker combination with a black vinyl trousers and a casual sweater from Dolce & Gabbana. The colorful highlight is the conspicuous red bag, that is also a product from D&G and likewise the perfect rounding of this unconstrained look. For me this outfit is a lovely mix of sportive accents, paired with stylish fashion highlights and therefore absolutely suited to daily use.
After wearing the Nike Air Max Jewell, I have acquired a taste once again for this and further Sneaker as the perfect footwork

Do you like the look and mix of the different styles?

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soft pink coat & Isabel Marant Boots

12. Februar 2017


ENG: As you can recognize by means of my look, I am desiring warmer days, so that I have directly fallen in love with my new spring coat. I am particularly pleased with the the wide cut and refined sleeves. Appropriately I am also wearing a white peplum top, a Closed jeans as well as the from my point of view matching color Isabel Marant boots. As suited accessories in turn I have chosen once again my beloved ACNE Studios beanie and the rose colored Chloé Drew bag.
Now I am heading to Frankfurt because I will visit the Ambiente exhibition with Westwing tomorrow, via Instagram Stories you can follow me there. :-)

What do you think about this look? Have a nice and cozy Sunday!

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black and red – Gucci Marmont shoes

8. Januar 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce a look, that contains a rather uncertain piece for my dress style: a black and white plaid oversized blouse. Based on the bad weather at the moment I have added a further oversized garment: a thick mohair cardigan in black, so that the whole look appears quite dark for a moment. In order to counteract this fact I have grabbed a trend color this season in terms of the red colored Gucci Marmont shoes, I do not want to miss anymore. For me I really like the color combination black and red, therefore I have fittingly also decided for a black patent leather trousers from ASOS being stylish and very comfortable at once. Based on the cold temperatures I have finally chosen the beige colored ACNE Canada scarf as well as a matching color sunglasses from Gucci.

What do you mean – do you like this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Grey fur coat & Chloé Faye bag

30. Dezember 2016


ENG: After the public holidays I have taken some days off concerning the blog but today I would like to introduce a new look with my preferred colors grey and rose as the central point. I am regularly asked by different people about this fluffy coat, I really love to wear and that is linked today here on the blog. In this case I have combined the coat with a simple jeans, a rose colored Calvin Klein sweater as well as my all time favorite Gucci slipper, that I do not want to miss any more. ;-) The Chloé Faye bag and the grey colored ACNE Studios beanie are suited accessory from my point of view. The perfect outfit for sunny winter days.

What do you think – do you like the combination?

I wish all of you a Happy New Year and lot of fun tomorrow night. We will see us again in 2017! :-)

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Gucci velvet Princetown loafer & leather patent trousers

25. Dezember 2016


ENG: Merry Christmas my beloved ones! I hope you all had a contemplative and peaceful Christmas Eve?! The year 2016 slowly turns to an end, with regard to the blog respectively the development of my Social Media activities, I am so grateful for the last weeks and months.
Even on Christmas I would like to introduce in a quiet moment a new, casual look, that contributes two of my current fashion preferences: knitwear and off shoulder. I have quickly converted the cardigan to an off shoulder variation and also decided for the combination with a leather patent trousers and the Gucci velvet Princetown loafer. A suited bag for this look is the small Louis Vuitton bag from my point of view. Even the loafer as well as the bag have that certain indefinable something, therefore both pieces are the perfect amendment for diverse outfit combinations and occasions.

What do you think – do you like this look? Enjoy the Christmas time with your beloved ones.

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pink coat & Balenciaga boots

21. Dezember 2016


ENG: My preference for rose colored pieces of clothing has reached a new dimension with this dreamful quilted coat. As I saw the coat for the first time, it had happened around me, I just had to grab the jacket. With regard to this coat a casual combination is very important from my point of view in order to avoid a too girlish look. Therefore I have decided for a destroyed jeans, a grey cardigan as well as the rough Balenciaga ceinture boots. Together with the classical Yves Saint Laurent bag and my beloved grey ACNE beanie there is the perfect look for the cold days, that is also suitable for everyday life.

What do you think – do you like the look?  Try to enjoy the pre-christmas time as much as possible.

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shades of grey with Chanel Sneaker

20. November 2016


ENG: In the meantime you have probably recognized my favor for grey colored pieces, even today’s outfit is characterized by this color as well as the different materials and styles likewise. For me there is nothing more comfortable than an oversized cardigan and its connection with diverse accessories, so that this time I have decided for the combination with a fluent skirt made of silk. Already 1.5 years I am the owner of Chanel sneaker but unfortunately I have not worn them very frequently so far but this has to be changed in the future. For me this look is suited for daily-use and stylish at the same time, the combination offers comfort and attention at once. The Chanel bag and purple colored Ray-Ban sunglasses complete the outfit through their matching colors.

What do you think about the outfit realization? Enjoy your Sunday!

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grey oversized fur & soft pink chanel bag

13. November 2016


ENG: Probably you are striving against the coldness like we do here in Hamburg this week. Nevertheless we had some beautiful winter days, so that we have immediatley used the chance for securig the first wintery look.
Today I am wearing my new fake fur coat, that is incredible warm and has the perfect pattern and color combination for me. Furthermore I have decided for a tight jeans, a grey mohair oversized sweater as well as black Converse, I have not worn for a long time. I am still trying to slip pastel shades in my looks, this time I have satisfied this internal need via the Chanel bag and a knitted cap, that represent a succeeded touch of color within the whole look from my point of view.

What do you think about the outfit combination? I wish you all a great Sunday!

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blushes tones & Chloé Faye bag

21. September 2016


ENG: Shortly before my trip to the New York Fashion Week, Laura from Designdschungel, Franziska from Zuckermaedchen and me were invited by ECCO shoes to Rotterdam. We have visited the brand own leather factory and have taken a deeper look at the manufacturing process, an unforgettable and very important experience for me. Everyone of us should be aware of the fact, how natural products are processed and where the origin of a shoe, bag or jacket is located. One thing is definitely sure, the ECCO leather factory is clean without exceptions and has high quality standards with regard to the material treatment. The atmosphere was great, working conditions on-the-spot were flawless. So far I was unaware of the fact, that the ECCO tannery is also producing for premium customer like Louis Vuitton, Prada or Apple, all in all it was very exciting and a really instructive and interesting experience likewise.
Of course I have used the chance to wear my new ECCO bootees during the trip. In this case I am wearing a whole oversized look in rose and nude with a cashmere sweater and a rose colored dress underneath. Within my latest outfits I have decided several times for the Chloé Faye bag and even regarding this look it is the perfect rounding from my point of view.

What do you think about this look? What do you think about the leather handling and process?

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