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soft pink coat & Isabel Marant Boots

12. Februar 2017


ENG: As you can recognize by means of my look, I am desiring warmer days, so that I have directly fallen in love with my new spring coat. I am particularly pleased with the the wide cut and refined sleeves. Appropriately I am also wearing a white peplum top, a Closed jeans as well as the from my point of view matching color Isabel Marant boots. As suited accessories in turn I have chosen once again my beloved ACNE Studios beanie and the rose colored Chloé Drew bag.
Now I am heading to Frankfurt because I will visit the Ambiente exhibition with Westwing tomorrow, via Instagram Stories you can follow me there. :-)

What do you think about this look? Have a nice and cozy Sunday!

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blue and soft pink street style

9. Februar 2017


ENG: Recently it was rather quiet on the blog but I would definitely like to change this circumstance in the near future, promised. Today I would directly like to start with a look, that is especially affected by the colors blue and rose. During this year’s Fashion Week in Berlin I have worn this cozy and likewise stylish look consisting of a striped dress pants, a dark blue coat and silk top as well as my beloved ACNE Studios beanie. Of course my Gucci Princetown loafer are not allowed to be missed, whereas this outfit combination is finally rounded by a casual Chloé bag from Net-A-Porter.

What do you think about this look?

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light blue layering – Gucci Princetown Loafer

29. Januar 2017


ENG: After too less time for visiting the presentation of the new EDITED spring collection in Berlin, I have inquired myself for the new collection the same day and I am totally in love with the single pieces. The selection just screams for warmer days, so that I have already introduced my new oversized spring coat in rose on Instagram yesterday, whereas today I would like to go on with a baby blue knitted sweater. With regard to this outfit I have decided once again for layering in terms of a destroyed jeans, a dark blue coat as well as my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer.

Do you like this look? Today we have „Sunday Opening“ in Hamburg and we will probably also head to the inner city. In this sense: A successful Sunday to all of you!

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Lifestyle, Outfit

Grazia x Mitsubishi Breakfast #MBFWB

26. Januar 2017


ENG: As you have maybe recognized via Instagram or Snapchat, I was part of the GRAZIA Pop-Up breakfast during the Berlin Fashion Week. Before we were heading to the event location, I have received the winner from the GRAZIA competition in order to drive with them together to the Grosz restaurant with the Mitsubishi shuttle. From 9 am on lots of invited guests gathered there for starting into the day with an excellent breakfast. The actual highlight that day was outside at the entrance area in terms of the Mitsubishi Space Star, that can be equated with the perfect „city speedster“ based on its compact size and the great technical equipment.
After four hours of interesting and positive conversations as well as a saturated stomach, I headed back with the cool Mitsubishi shuttle to the Hotel de Rome, where I could sleep the whole Fashion Week. My outfit that day consisted of a conspicuous, stripped blouse with wide sleeves, a simple Closed jeans, an oversized coat from Joseph, gold colored GUCCI shoes as well as a velvet bag, also from GUCCI. A picture is worth a thousand words, so that enjoy the following impressions from the fantastic event.

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layering look with Valentino Ruckstud heels #mbfwb

22. Januar 2017


ENG: WOW – a very exciting week draws to a close, I was allowed to visit cool shows and events complemented by wonderful conversations in Berlin. I am pretty happy about the last few days and of course I have taken the opportunity to shoot some of my Fashion Week outfits, of which I would now like to introduce the first one.
In this case I am wearing a whole H&M look added by my beloved Valentino Rockstud heels as well as the beautiful Chloé bag from Net-A-Porter. Layering looks are still very stylish from my point of view and it is almost every time the perfect combination for cold temperatures. For me a casual and suited to daily use street style look, that definitely belongs to my favorites during the last few days.

What do you think – Do you like this outfit as well? Have a cozy Sunday.

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Gucci Marmont shoes in gold & Joseph Coat

15. Januar 2017


ENG: Tomorrow I will head to Berlin for the upcoming five days in order to attend the Fashion Week and multiple events on-the-spot. I am already looking forward to all the lovely and well-known faces, my cooperation partner and of course the events and shows itself. The year 2017 has started with a great meeting with Net-A-Porter and I am so glad, that we will work more closely together during the next weeks and months.
For Berlin I have got a very cool delivery from the shop and as you know me, I would like to introduce the products via Instagram and the blog little by little. In this case I am wearing a dreamful dark blue oversized coat from Joseph, that is combined with a beige colored mohair sweater and a straight cut two-tones jeans. So what should I say?! Repeat offender!!!! I am loving the red colored Gucci Marmont shoes so much, that I just had to own them in gold as well for the next season. As suited accessories I have finally decided for the brown hued Gucci sunglasses as well as the small Louis Vuitton bag.
I wish all of you a cozy Sunday…

Do you like this look?

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black & soft pink – Chanel bag

11. Januar 2017


ENG: Based on the fact, that the winter is still predominant in Hamburg, I have created a sheltered and very comfortable look today. In many cases black is the foundation for my outfit combinations, that will then be complemented by single color accents. This time I have decided for a black colored oversized feel-good sweater in combination with a patent leather pants, a black coat as well as Converse shoes in black as well. The color highlights come from a chunky knit beanie and my beloved Chanel bag.
What do you think about this outfit? Now I have to further plan my outfits for the Berlin Fashion Week, being hosted from next Monday on. There will be definitely some highlights – stay tuned. :-)

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black and red – Gucci Marmont shoes

8. Januar 2017


ENG: Today I would like to introduce a look, that contains a rather uncertain piece for my dress style: a black and white plaid oversized blouse. Based on the bad weather at the moment I have added a further oversized garment: a thick mohair cardigan in black, so that the whole look appears quite dark for a moment. In order to counteract this fact I have grabbed a trend color this season in terms of the red colored Gucci Marmont shoes, I do not want to miss anymore. For me I really like the color combination black and red, therefore I have fittingly also decided for a black patent leather trousers from ASOS being stylish and very comfortable at once. Based on the cold temperatures I have finally chosen the beige colored ACNE Canada scarf as well as a matching color sunglasses from Gucci.

What do you mean – do you like this look? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Fake fur coat & Chloé Susanna boots

4. Januar 2017


ENG: With the beginning of the new year the temperatures decreased appreciable in Hamburg but unfortunately we have waited in vain for snow. Nevertheless in consideration of the cold temperatures, it was time for my new oversized fake fur jacket from Marc Cain. I have decided for a simple combination in terms of a black patent leather trousers and a black hoodie. Supplemented by my beloved Chloé Susanna boots as well as the grey Chloé Faye bag there occurs a fashionable and comfortable winter look, that is absolutely suited for daily use. 

What do you mean – do you like this outfit?

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statement sleeves & red Gucci Marmont shoes

1. Januar 2017


ENG: Happy New Year my lovelies! I hope all of you had a great night?! We have spent last night in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, delicious raclette and a lot of fun. I have exactly worn this look and I am so in love with the top’s statement sleeves. As suited combination I have decided for a casual Levi’s jeans, a Gucci belt and my beloved, red colored Gucci Marmont shoes, that give almost every outfit that certain indefinable something, you can currently get them at LUISAVIAROMA. The small Louis Vuitton bag is suitable for casual looks as well as for glamorous events from my point of view.

What do you think about this outfit? Are you also in love with the conspicuous sleeves and shoes? :-)

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