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9. Januar 2018

ENG: A very relaxing week is behind us where we were able to take out some time to heal our colds and aching throats, which means that this week I can fully focus on new projects and posts for you. Apart from the every day business we are intensely working on the newsletter for the end of the month and we also made some progress in regards to our wedding during the last few days. If you want to find out more about our Newsletter you can sign up on the homepage of my blog and take the chance to partake in an exclusive Designer-Sale.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We will be spending most of this week in Hamburg, before going to Berlin next week. The Fashion Week is coming up now and we still have a few things to prepare. I am especially excited for fashion week, because our team member Sarah is accompanying us, which means that we can produce even more exciting content for you.
But even before that we have another exciting date coming up, which is the visit of the Musical “The Lion King”. We watched it for the first time about ten years ago and as a great Disney-and Musical-Fan I am really excited for the show.
Apart from that I have spent my day with the amazing Kathleen, who put some life and structure back into my hair; you can find out more about that in today’s Instagram-Story. I get asked about who does my hair all the time, which is why I can only recommend Kathleen’s Instagram-Account.

Favorite post of the weekMax Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

New In: I found this wonderful ‘oversized’ coat by Max Mara at Vite EnVogue, as well as an amazing pair Aquazzura Heels and a Dorothee Schumacher fur jacket. I have integrated the Max Mara Coat into a look last Sunday and wrote a blog post about it too, and the heels and fur jacket will be put to use during the Fashion Week in Berlin next week.

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Max Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

7. Januar 2018

ENG: Happy sunny Sunday! The sun has been shining the entire day here in Hamburg, which honestly just felt so good – so we took the chance to take some photos straight away. With this outfit I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorite vintage find – this oversized Max Mara coat, which i spiced up with a Gucci belt. In combination with a black knitted sweater, a pair of Jeans, Gucci sneaker and the denim Chanel bag, this look isn’t only perfect for every day and every occasion, but also playful and stylish at the same time. The color combination of black, white and blue works well every time too, which is why I like to wear it to all kinds of events and occasions. Now I’m curious what you think:

Do you like the combination of ‘oversized’ coat and statement belt?

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Ischgl | casual winter look

4. Januar 2018


ENGWhat is going on with the weather in Germany?! Luckily enough we were able to spend a couple of days in Ischgl over New Years Eve, where we were spoilt by the sun. Especially the combination of sunshine, snowy mountains and the right winter-outfit makes my heart beat faster, which is why we used the time to take loads of photos, as well. Especially during the night from Saturday to Sunday Mother Hulda spoilt us with plenty of fresh fallen snow, which is why we took the chance straight away for this outfit. These picures we taken at the rooftop terrace of the Zhero Hotel in Kappel, which is a neighbouring town of Ischgl that offers the perfect getaway after a long day of skiing and Après-Ski Parties. ;-)
The look convinces mostly with a cozy Oversized knitted Sweater in light purple by Edited the Label. The jumper doesn’t only keep you warm and protects from the mucky weather, but gives you a perfectly stylish look for the cold time of the year in my eyes.
I combined the jumper with a simple pair of grey yeans as well as the chunky Valentino Boots, which are perfect for the weather and winter because of their sole.
I then added a Chanel Vintage Bag and the trendy yet practical winter look was done. We will hopefully get the chance to go on another trip to the Alps this winter, as I can’t wait to be back on skis and enjoy the sun while riding down a mountain.

Are you winter holiday fans too or do you prefer relaxing on the beach during summer?

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Travel moments 2017

31. Dezember 2017

ENGWhere do I even start, when thinking of 2017? I am just completely overwhelmed by everything that happened this year, what trips we were able to go on and what developments we were able to realize this year with the blog. I already knew that I would like to work independently and freely develop while I was still in university. And that we have really come to this point is just amazing, especially since my darling fiance is on board with me full time since March. Then in October, another enchanting member joined our team, called Sarah.
It is a huge privilege to me to be able to work independently and therefore manage my time myself and work in different parts of the world.
I have never seen as many wonderful places as I have this year, and in 2018 I would like to focus on traveling again as well and take you on all these adventures with me.

My personal thanks goes to every single one of you, since you are my daily motivation and always faithful by my side. I get so many private messages and comments and I am always so excited! I would like to take you all on a little time travel and show you this year’s travel destinations.

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casual festive look

23. Dezember 2017

ENGPre-Christmas Greetings from Hamburg! Now it’s almost Christmas Eve! I hope that you have ran all your errands and can enjoy Christmas with your loved ones. As I have told you before, we will be celebrating Christmas at our place for the first time, which is why we still have lots of things to do. Especially because the holidays are so soon, I would like to show you a festive outfit today. The highlight of this styling definitely is the blazer from Topshop, which is not only because of its fabric and color, but also because of its fit perfect for any festive occasion. Even though the matching velvet pants would be a perfect style, I decided to pair a simple jeans. The sneakers by Adidas add a cool touch, while the body is by Samsoe Samsoe.
The bag by Saint Laurent is the perfect companion for every occasion – whether its festive or relaxed, the bag is perfect for almost any situation and outfit-combination. I personally like the look because o the different fabrics and pieces, which, when combined correctly, make perfect outfits for the holidays. Now I’m also curious what your holidays will look like, so:

Have you planned all your outfits yet?

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a pop of pink | Valentino boots + Chanel Gabrielle bag

7. Dezember 2017

ENGIt’s cold in Hamburg! But – I am not trying to complain, since it’s the best way to get into the festive mood. I am perfectly prepared for the cold weather too: As you know, I am a huge fan of oversized teddy coats and would like to show you a different way of styling them with some of my favorites today.
I can combine the Max Mara coat in brown, which I also got in red during the Black Friday sales, with almost every piece in my wardrobe at the moment. In this case I am wearing it with a pair of jeans by Lovers + Friends in combination with a layering look, which is made up of an H&M Trend dress and my favorite knitted sweater by Edited (here you can find a blog post about the sweater). The Chanel bag provides a chic note, while the Valentino Boots add a cool flair to the look. My beanie by Mumshandmade adds the touch of color for today, because my outfit doesn’t have to match the colors of today’s weather. ;-)

Do you like the layering look? And do you wear colorful accessories in combination with earthy colors?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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All black street style look | Edited knit sweater

1. Dezember 2017


ENGGood morning from Hamburg, where winter has arrived fully. Yet, I don’t want that to drag me down, because the colder it is, the more cozy knitted jumpers and oversized coats are.
Still, I didn’t style a coat for this outfit, because the different pieces are in perfect harmony without it already. The main pieces of this look is the black knitted jumper by Edited the Label. With a couple of color highlights such as the Bouquet fabric of the Chanel Bag and the red stripes on the Gucci shoes, it already turns into a stylish outfit, even though I kept it all-black for a change. But if that’s not really your thing – the same cozy jumper is also available in blue and blush – so anyone will find the right color. I found the bag, which is one of my absolute favorite shoulder bags via Vite EnVogue – it’s such a classy small bag, and adds a glamourous touch to the outfit. I finished the look with a Beanie by Acne – also in black – and I was prepared for the cold winds up North :-)

Do you like the all-black look?

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pre Black Friday codes

23. November 2017

ENGReady, steady, go… the big pre-Christmas shopping has started right now with the current and official ‘cyber week’. Lots of well-known online shops have great discounts and sale promotions, an established marketing idea for the whole e-commerce from America. As I’ve recognized several ‘pre Black Friday codes’ this morning within my mail account, I immediately decided to share some of these great discounts with you, being valid from today on. One day before the official ‘Black Friday’ some online retailer like Mango, Zalando, ASOS, Farfetch and many more offer great price reductions and discounts on single collections.
For giving you a clear and structured overview, I’ve collected the most important and relevant codes below. And of course, even tomorrow you will find further codes with great savings from famous online shops. Stay tuned, it’s worth it.

Happy shopping to all of you!

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black & grey | soft pink Chanel bag

16. November 2017

ENGSunny and warm days are very rare in Hamburg at the moment, and the grey, rainy and wet weather has spread all over the country. Not that it´s a problem for me though – because I am finally able to wear big, stylish and warm winter coats. I picked a coat like that today as well, more specifically a grey fake-fur coat that I was able to get from ASOS last year. This particular model is not available anymore unfortunately, but there is a very similar model, which looks comfortable and cosy – so just my taste.
Regarding today’s look I chose to style a turtleneck sweater, black vinyl pants and black Converse shoes. The colorful highlight probably isn’t hard to find –  it’s a light blush colored Chanel bag. As always I am excited for your feedback, so:

How do you like the look?

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pink & red | Edited oversized coat

8. November 2017


ENGGood morning from Munich, which is where I am for the Press Days at the moment. I arrived yesterday and was able to give you some impressions of what my next few days are going to look like, which I will – of course – do the next couple of days too. I still want to take the chance to show you another fall-look, that immediately puts me in a great mood due to its color combination. Even though I’m a fan of wearing earthy colors in fall and winter, the combination of red and pink is lovely and super trendy. I am specifically talking about the combination of a pink Edited the Label coat with red Gucci shoes, which probably sounds a bit daring at first, but to me makes a great connection. In order to make the look not too wild, I styled it with black vinyl pants and a black hoodie from Broken System. To finish this look I added a Chanel bag, that fits perfectly to the color of the coat and adds a bit of glamour to it.

Of course I am excited for your feedback, so -how do you like the look and color combination?

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