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Off-Shoulder dress & Louis Vuitton „Palm Springs“ backpack

28. Mai 2017


ENG: At the moment Hamburg resembles a true summer paradise, only yesterday we had almost 30 degrees, so everywhere in the city and especially around the Alster and Elbe was pure vacation feeling. Of course at such a special day, I could not resist to choose a cool dress being an achievement from NA-KD. I emphasize this for the additional reason that many of you have already asked me via Instagram Stories about the dress‘ origin. Even today you should keep checking the IG-Story to see my shopping haul for NA-KD, in addition to that you can get 20% off with the code „AylinK20“ on the whole online shop assortment for the next 24 hours. Have fun and happy shopping!
In order to create a stylish look with the dress, I have decided for the combination with my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer and the new Louis Vuitton „Palm Springs“ backpack. One more necklace layering from the lovely and high-quality jewelry designer „Ariane Ernst“ and then an uncomplicated and suited to daily use summer look is done, so even at high temperatures you are dressed in a stylish manner from my point of view.

What do you think about the combination of the dress with the accessories? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Summer in Hamburg

24. Mai 2017


ENG: Finally the weather in Hamburg is consistently good, so easy summer dresses can be grabbed from the wardrobe and worn without any problems. I am already looking forward to the season of summer dresses and its stylish combination opportunities.
Maybe you have recognized, that I stood in front of the camera last winter with Laura for the current Tom Tailor „EveryWearYouGo“ campaign and it was really a lot of fun. Today I am wearing in this context a relaxed summer dress from the collection and I have so say, that it is very comfortable and can be combined in plenty of different options. In this case I decided for an oversized used denim jacket and my new Gucci sneaker being an achievement from the London Heathrow airport. The matching color rounding of this summery and suited to daily use outfit belongs to the Valentino bag.
Have you actually noticed, that Laura and me took over the Instagram Stories account from Tom Tailor last Friday in order to show you our preferred spots in Hamburg? In keeping with the campaign’s motto „EveryWearYouGo“ we have started the day with a breakfast at the Literaturhauscafé and coffee at the Alsterperle before heading to the inner city of Hamburg. Take a look at the new collection, there are several appealing and hip pieces for this season.

What do you think about my look?

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weekly focus 20 | 17

22. Mai 2017


ENG: It is time again for Monday, so that I would like to introduce a short weekly review as well as a preview concerning the upcoming days. For a long time we have spent a whole week in Hamburg and to be honest we have enjoyed it to the fullest. In the meantime the production of regular content and arrangement of new blog projects is part of our daily business but just now there are lots of exciting discussions with attractive brands, that make me very happy and certainly I can tell you more about it in detail pretty soon. Besides some meetings like the press breakfast at Denham last Friday, last week’s highlight was definitely our inauguration and engagement party with an incredible atmosphere and our best friends in a private context. I am still thinking about the funny evening and look already forward to the official wedding and an appropriate wedding party.

Favorites of the week

To Do: Actually we have planned to start a road trip to Italy with Mercedes-Benz in the end of this week but unfortunately we had to cancel our journey very short term, so at the moment we are thinking about to travel somewhere in Europe. Do you maybe have an insider tip for a special and recommendable place at the moment? From where I will publish my next „weekly focus“, I would not like to answer yet. ;-) For the time being we try to enjoy the summery weather in Hamburg and to further establish our new flat.

Your favorite post of the week: weekly focus 19 | 17

New In: I have found my absolute dream dress in terms of the fit, material and color, in addition to that I am now owning a playful kimono from Free People. For the new flat in return we have got a new lamp from Kartell, a grey colored cowhide, an table book by Helmut Newton as well as a rose colored velvet couch for our winter garden.

Have a lovely week!

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tulle skirt & Louis Vuitton backpack mini

19. Mai 2017


ENG: The first warmer temperatures in Hamburg have a noticeable impact, so in the meantime I reach for light outfits more and more frequently. Even if I am a huge fan of oversized sweater and thick wool coats in all variations, I am every year from anew at Spring looking forward to grab summery pieces out of my wardrobe, a phenomenon being probably very familiar to all of you. ;-)
Last year I was a huge enthusiast of tulle skirts and even this season I will be it in all probability again. In the correct mix my new Edited the Label skirt appears feminin and casual likewise, for me the skirt is not only suited to daily use but is also appropriate for more festive venues based on its very comfortable fit. In order to create a certain coolness, I have unsurprisingly chosen an oversized piece in terms of a simple and easy sweater. Based on my withdrawal symptoms in L.A., I just had to make a decision for my Gucci Princetown loafer with fur based on its perfect combination of style and comfort from my point of view. These shoes are still an eye-catcher and topic of conversation, wherever I wear them. In addition to that I totally felt in love with the small Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack, I have looked out for it over a period of several weeks and can now call it my own, at this point I would already like to excuse myself for the overload with the backpack in the near future. ;-)

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice weekend!

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weekly focus 19 | 17

16. Mai 2017


ENG: The first week in Germany is over and we are already back in the daily routine, especially the final furnishing of our new flat may take a considerable time. The weather during the last days has not let us down, we had some warm Spring days and took directly the chance for shooting new outfits. Besides the planning of current and upcoming blog projects, I try to spend a lot of my current time with family and friends because they are missing out in such cases, even if they are the most important thing in real life and care for the unforgettable moments.
Even if we are just arrived from the Maldives and L.A., the European summer is already casting its shadow with some promising trips, that hold exciting content ready and guarantee summery outfits. However I am really excited about it and as a matter of course I will take you with me via Instagram and here on the blog. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: This week is definitely characterized by our new flat, we are not only continuously engaged in furnishing but also in organizing a small inauguration and engagement party for the upcoming weekend. Furthermore there are several meetings during the next days and I am already looking forward to based on my preference for the face-to-face communication with persons in charge. Besides my passion for fashion and photography, I am just loving the development of new ideas and concepts for high-quality and inspiring blog projects, in which I can simply enjoy my life. Cross your fingers and be excited, the journey continues. ;-)

Your favorite post of the weekLos Angeles focus 

New In: After a desperate search for weeks concerning the Louis Vuitton backpack „Palms Spring Mini“, I can finally call it my own. This backpack was everywhere out of stock, allegedly sold out in whole Europe, even in L.A. I looked out for it and was eventually poised to pay a much higher price than in Germany but in the end there was no single chance. Fortunately to me I have visited the online shop once again after my daily and unsuccessful search in the recent past. I really love the backpack and have no further noteworthy achievements during the last days. :-)

Have a lovely week!

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Rodeo Drive | Dolce & Gabbana bag

14. Mai 2017


ENG: Now we are almost one week back from L.A. and I still think about the nice time almost every day and miss the continuous pleasant weather, the sun and ocean as well as the positive attitude of the Californian people. We felt very comfortable in Beverly Hills at the Rodeo Drive, where we spent a lot of our time and even shot today’s look being one of my personal favorites during the three weeks in L.A.
I am wearing an easy summer dress from a collection of the last year but I am still so in love with it during the warmer months, therefore it still belongs to my preferred dresses this season. I have combined the dress with especially red colored accessories, in detail it is about the Miu Miu sandals, my beloved Dolce & Gabbana bag as well as a Fendi scarf being converted to a hairband.

What do you think about this look? Within my „L.A. focus“ this week, I have not only introduced the most popular Instagram outfits but also published my first „Follow Me Around“ movie on YouTube for giving you more personal insights from our experiences. Take a look inside and leave your feedback.

I wish all of you a sunny and relaxed Sunday!

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Rodeo Drive | Balenciaga Boots

7. Mai 2017


ENG: Our last day in L.A. has started and we are already looking forward to our flat, family, friends and even the daily life in Hamburg. :-) Nevertheless I would now like to introduce a look from the Rodeo Drive, before taking our return flight because I really like the outfit combination and hope you will share the same, positive associations.
You know my preference for combining the Balenciaga Ceinture boots with dresses, even in this case happened with this silk dress from the H&M Studio collection. I am just loving the contrast of the rough boots with elegant and loose dresses based on its ability to create casual and hip looks, that are also suited for daily life without any problems from my point of view. The appropriate rounding consists of a grey colored oversized hoodie from the H&M Unisex collection as well as my beloved Gucci Marmont bag made of velvet, being every time an eye-catcher and talking point on the street.

What do you think about this look? Happy Sunday!

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Lifestyle, Outfit

Girls Day in LA | Melrose Avenue

5. Mai 2017


ENG: Maybe you have already recognized, that I am a birthday girl this week and that I was allowed to spend my great day in Los Angeles with friends. I could start the day in the early morning with a laid birthday table and a good mood, at lunchtime we stopped at Gracias Madre and combined it with a relaxed coffee break at Alfred Coffee Melrose Avenue. The culmination this day was a delicious dinner at the Mama Shelter Hotel, on whose rooftop we could let a wonderful day come to the end with refreshing drinks and a beautiful L.A. panorama view.
At this special day Laura and me decided for a beauty look in collaboration with Catrice Cosmetics. Laura made a decision for soft Rosé tones and a special accentuation of the eye area, whereas I highlighted my look with a conspicuous lipstick color. Hereinafter I would like to introduce my approach concerning the product usage.

My Make-Up Step by Step

I started with the new Prime and Fine Nude Glow Primer, that takes care for a perfect priming and a nice face glow. After that I chose the Liquid Camouflage Concealer for the elimination of eye contours, the Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen in turn could ensure highlights on the cheekbones, under the brow bones, on my nasal bridge as well as at my chin. One of my preferred products is the classical eyebrows pen based on my preference for the accentuation of eyebrows in general, this time I could also fix them with the Eyebrow Filler. With regard to my birthday I even decided for a glossy eyeshadow shade from the Copper Eyeshadow palette, that I am using regularly in the meantime. For creating a rather natural look, I decided furthermore for the Multi Matt Blush 010, the lower eyelashes are the result of the Lash Dresser Comb Mascara. Last but not least and as indicated above, I made a decision for a strong lipstick in terms of my favored color Pinker Bell in order to get the perfect L.A. make-up from my perspective.

What do you think about this make-up look? You can find more information about Laura on her blog.

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Rodeo Drive | Pink Prada Mules

30. April 2017


ENG: We are already two weeks in the USA and have spent most of the time in Los Angeles. One of the most impressive spots is definitely the Rodeo Drive with its beautiful boutiques and the luxury cars competing with each other relating to PS and design. Especially before and at sunset the light between the palms, boutiques and streets is fantastic and perfectly suited to photo shootings, so we just had to take the opportunity for capturing a new look.
A few weeks ago I got these gorgeous, pink colored Prada mules and now I am pretty happy, that I could wear them for the first time. I have combined the shoes with a simple jeans, an embroidered hoodie in grey, my Valentino bag as well as with an appropriate strap from Fendi. As matching completion I decided for the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and I have to say, that I am just loving those summery outfits. For me a chick and casual look with a high comfort factor likewise.

What do you think about this look? I wish all of you a nice Sunday.

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Outfit, Travel

Santa Monica | stripes

28. April 2017


ENG: Until now I associated Los Angeles as cool spot with a modern and easy lifestyle but not necessarily as nice and idyllic city. However as we drove to Santa Monica beach for a daily trip last Tuesday, it had happened to me. I am totally in love with the bright beach sections, cute cafés, huge waves, the lifestyle feeling and open-minded people, so I directly had to shoot my first look at one of the diverse lifeguard tower.
The outfit’s centre is certainly the striped one shoulder top from Edited the Label, I am so addicted to the top, that I even own a second one of it in black in the meantime. The one shoulder piece is stylish and comfortable likewise, it can be used in different ways of combinations and is suited for a day on the beach or in the city at the same time. I am combining the top with a simple cropped jeans, my beloved Gucci Princetown loafer in metallic pink as well as my Chanel bag, that I already spotted several times between West Hollywood and Santa Monica. ;-) We have some plans in mind for the upcoming days and will further share our honest impressions via Instagram with you, in addition to that we have already prepared some video footage, that will be introduced very soon.

What do you think about this look? Sunny greetings from California!

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