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What´s in my bag for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

1. April 2018

ENG: Happy Easter to everyone, I hope your weather during the public holidays is better than in Northern Germany. Probably many of you long for warmer days and inspiration for the upcoming spring and summer collections. Based on the fact, that we are going to take a flight to Dubai tomorrow evening, I would like to give you some insights in my suitcase for this trip. I am already looking forward to pack summer dresses, bags and sandals in my bag, unfortunately I regularly tend to have too many items with me during travels.
On warm days I love to combine white dresses and loose cloths. No matter if on the beach, in the city or restaurant, loose and stylish summer dresses belong to my favourite pieces. As you know, I am also a huge fan of bags and golden accessories, especially on holiday I like to grab a raffia bag, for me one of the biggest summer trend pieces this season. No other bag is able to transport the summer and holiday feeling better than a raffia bag. Even the classical sunglasses have more potential than protecting the eyes, the right model is most of the time an essential accessory for giving a look individuality and style. Whether small, big, angular or round, I think there are suited models for everyone.

What about you: What are your most important travel partner? Here you can find my Dubai essentials. Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 14 | 18

26. März 2018

ENGHello Spring, and even though it doesn’t necessarily feel like it just yet, I am already excited for the days to become longer again. During these last few days my longing for warmer days has become increasingly intense, but I guess many of you feel that way. Last week I went on a small trip to Amsterdam to celebrate the new bathing suit collection by the lingerie label Marie Jo. The event took place in the spa area of a hotel, which offered a perfect ambience to the beautiful and high quality pieces. Besides further events by Sylvie Meis and the Aspira in Hamburg we have again invested much time into our wedding preparations and have a photographer, the wedding dress, the dinner and the DJ set, which reliefs me of some nervousness and anxiety and I can finally get excited about the bigger picture of the wedding.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We are currently still in Hamburg, even though we would have loved to go on vacation this week already. Even though some projects got in the way and the dear Nina Suess will come by in the next couple of days, we will hopefully head South for a little while just after Easter. Keep your fingers crossed, because I definitely need some Vitamin D and warm rays of sunlight.
Since we are in the last week of March already, it is also time for our next Newsletter soon. I am thinking about what to put up on the Designer Sale this month, but I will definitely have some exciting pieces for you. You can sign up for the Newsletter on the landing page of my blog and you will get the chance on a sweet Easter Deal!
In addition to that I am currently investing some thoughts into my visuals on Instagram. I have watched a few tutorials on YouTube and definitely want to try some new things in terms of photo editing. What do you guys think? Do you like my current imagery or are there certain styles you like especially?

Favorite post of the weekTrend Report | spring two-pieces

New In: Even though the weather hasn’t changed as much this March, I just can’t avoid spring clothing anymore. I have found a number of pieces from the current Zara collection that I can’t link for you guys here unfortunately, but you should definitely stop by your favorite Zara some time and take a look. Other than that I got the dark blue Adidas Originals buttoned sweat pants and I have to say that it is incredibly comfortable and still stylish.
To contrast that I got some Alberta Ferretti velvet slippers in yellow for the warmer days. I also have to confess to a sin: This Chanel Bag made my week, and I am currently waiting for it to be delivered. How do you like this model?

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Trend Report | spring two-pieces

25. März 2018

ENGAfter I got so many requests and questions on Instagram regarding my suit, I immediately knew what the next trend report topic had to be. This season we definitely won’t get around two-pieces, which can be worn in any kind, color and form. My special H&M two-piece got amazing feedback in Paris already, and my newest addition in pink has been praised just as much.
I think that blazers can easily be worn with shoulder pads to achieve a certain ‘coolness’ and individuality. In my case the trousers are relatively tight around the ankle, whereas its otherwise loosely fitted. To me this suit is absolutely business-like as well as it is stylish and fashionable at the same time. In my freetime I prefer to wear a lace bra underneath the blazer and combine it with either slippers or sneakers. In case of a business occasion, I would wear my blazer with pumps or high heels.
I have put together a couple of photos of my own two-piece as well as current online shop examples. These of course are only a few of the current models that are available online, but I think these are very appealing! But what about you guys: Do you have such colorful combinations in your closet too?

Have fun looking through all of these and happy Sunday!

DE: Nachdem ich auf Instagram so wahnsinnig viele An- und Rückfragen bezüglich meines Hosenanzugs bekommen habe, stand für mich das Thema des nächsten Trendreports sofort fest. Diese Saison kommen wir offensichtlich an Zweiteilern nicht vorbei, die in jeglicher Ausprägung, Farbe und Form getragen werden dürfen. Schon in Paris kam mein ausgefallener Zweiteiler von H&M Trend erstaunlicherweise sehr gut an, meine neueste Errungenschaft in der Farbe Pink reiht sich in das bisherige positive Feedback direkt ein.
Blazer dürfen meiner Meinung nach gerne mit Schulterpolstern versehen werden, um eine gewisse „Coolness“ und Individualität zu erreichen, in meinem Fall liegt die Hose am Knöchel enger an, weist aber ansonsten ein doch eher weiteres Bein auf. Für mich bietet der Hosenanzug eine tolle Möglichkeit sowohl businesstauglich, als auch stylisch und angesagt in der Freizeit unterwegs zu sein. In freien Zeiten bevorzuge ich dabei die Variante einen Spitzen-BH unter dem Blazer zu tragen und dazu Sneaker oder Slipper zu kombinieren. Ich habe euch ein paar Bilder von meinem Zweiteiler in Pink sowie aktuelle Exemplare aus diversen Online-Shops zusammengetragen. Natürlich handelt es sich hierbei nur um einen Ausschnitt der aktuellen Modelle, die für mich jedenfalls sehr ansprechend daherkommen. Wie sieht es bei euch aus: Habt ihr ebenfalls eine bunte Kombination bei euch im Kleiderschrank?

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und habt alle einen schönen Sonntag!

Aylin ♥


Some of my favorites


Photocredit: Tobias Freund ♥

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weekly focus 13 | 18

19. März 2018

ENGWith every week we are slowly getting closer to spring. Even Though the last couple of days have been absolutely joyous in terms of sunshine, it is still extremely cold and windy here. We have spent the entire last week in Hamburg, since we had two interesting events here on Wednesday and Thursday. One of them was the presentation of the PANDORA Shine-Collection, which definitely is one of my favorite jewellry collections based on their optics and quality. In addition to that we were in the Hamburg Store of italian brand ‘Fabiana Filippi’, which is mostly known for exclusive knitted products, modern designs and high-quality fabrics on Thursday night.
Other than that we are still in the process of furthering our wedding preparations and getting our apartments ready for spring. I can’t wait to leave the house in dresses and spend my free time on our balcony, but I guess most of us feel this way. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will be in Amsterdam for an event by the wonderful lingerie brand Marie Jo on Wednesday night. I am especially excited for the stay, because the bloggers like Lena and Liberta wil be there as well and we will hopefully have a great and exciting time. From Thursday on we have a number of events in Hamburg, where I will of course take you via my Instagram Stories. In addition to that we are currently planning a trip South, since we haven’t been in the sun in what feels like ages and we are longing for some warmer days. I would love to just produce ‘summerly content’ on Instagram 24/7 and get your opinion on dresses and summer trends. About a year ago we went on a trip to the Maldives – but who knows where our planning will take us this year. The Maldives are definitely worth a trip. ;-)

Favorite post of the weekParis Fashion Week | Street Style

New In: Since the sun has been back in Hamburg a couple of times now, which has me planning my balcony a lot! I found some wonderful products on Westwing and found a little Sofa over the last weekend that I really liked. You should definitely take a look at, where you can find the new outdoor line since the past weekend. We have also ordered a little bench for our hallway, which I am incredibly excited for already, too.
Since so many of you asked about my beige Fabiana Filippi dress, I have linked it in light blue and cream down below. The looks as well as the quality of it are absolutely recommendable – I definitely love it!

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Trend Report: Yellow Spring

18. März 2018

ENGSince there haven’t been any terndreports up on the blog in a while, I wanted to get back to it with full spring-energy! None of us will get away from today’s topic in the near future, because it’s the trend color of spring: YELLOW! To me, yellow has an incredibly positive vibrancy around it, that i immediately connect to warm summer days and fresh flowers.
I have added a number of yellow pieces to my wardrobe already this year, which include a blazer, a cardigan and a blouson by Nobi Talai. There are so many ways of combining yellow pieces, and they all seem very fresh and vivid after the long winter. Some people still avoid the color, but all I can say is: Dare to wear it! Especially with white or light blue pieces some wearable and definitely every-day-looks can be created. I am sure that my closet will go in the yellow-direction a but more soon!
Long story short: I have picked my current favorites from various online shops and hope that  you find some pieces as well. Have fun rummaging through them and especially trying them on! :-)

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weekly focus 12 | 18

12. März 2018

ENGI have spent most of last week in Hamburg meeting friends, which is always especially nice and pleasant after the Fashion Weeks. Of course I am thankful to be able to travel and for all the amazing experiences along the way, but the most beautiful moments are created from time spent with friends. Since I am finally back on track with my health and have overcome the annoying cold, the blog will be a bit more busy in the near future too, and I have also prepared a ‘Best Of’ post with my looks from Paris, which I really want to share with you this week. I have also gone through my closet with the end of the Fashion Weeks and picked some high quality pieces for the Designersale at the end of the month. You can easily sign up for the newsletter on the landing page of my blog and have the chance to get your hands on some exciting designer pieces.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: I will spend this entire week in Hamburg, since two important events are on the schedule: I have an important meeting this afternoon in regards to our wedding this summer, and then on Wednesday PANDORA will launch their new collection in Hamburg. I am not allowed to give you any insights at the moment, but if you take a quick look at my Instagram profile you can find a Teaser-Post with some pieces of the collection that are absolutely dreamy.
Other than that the wedding planning takes up much of our time, even though one of the most important decisions has already been made: I have found my wedding dress and am just so HAPPY that it all worked out. I will promise to show you many many photos on the blog and on my Instagram in the summer,  but I have to ask for your patience until then. :-) To be completely honest, it just feels crazy that I will officially be married in about four months. I am incredibly excited for the moment already and am getting emotional just thinking about the wedding. To be a little tanned for the wedding we are currently planning a holiday in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi during the spring. Since we have never been in either of the two places we are unsure how to best plan the trip. Do you have any tips or recommendations that we should definitely include?

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 11 | 18

New In: Maybe you can remember the Burberry Shopper from Milan? I just found the bag so practical that I decided to keep it. I also ordered a yellow cardigan, a striped oversized blouse as well as a jumpsuit and I can’t wait for the warmer days and for the ease of summer to finally compa back to Hamburg.

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weekly focus 11 | 18

8. März 2018

ENGMy dears, unfortunately it has been rather quiet on the blog lately, which is mostly due to my never-ending cold and the two Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris. Some of you may also be ill at the moment, but let’s all together hope for spring to show up soon!
Anyway, we are back in Hamburg and have loads of work to catch up on, mostly surrounding last week’s happenings. We have spent the last week in beautiful Paris with H&M, where – amongst other things – the new Studio Collection show took place. Have you seen the collection yet? I am already a great fan of the tops and loose dresses, which is also part of my momentarily fixed Instagram story with the title ‘WIN H&M’. Club members can partake in the raffle of my outfit until Sunday, you can find more information on this in my IG story. Paris is always worth a visit, you can take beautiful pictures on pretty much any corner and the city has so much to offer. Besides a number of shows and events we also took some time to shoot and I will upload a blogpost with my favorite Paris outfits soon. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We have been back from Paris since Tuesday night and picked up Summer from her vacation with my parents first thing yesterday. Besides our daily business we still have a lot to plan and organise for our wedding as well, for which I get lots of support from my bridesmaid Laura. If I will be back on track healthwise within the next couple of days, we have planned one or another visit at Aspira, to get my body wedding-ready.
Some of you may know the lifestyle clubs, which are currently located in Hamburg, Hannover and now also in Berlin. Aspira doesn’t only offer a great workout space, but is also the perfect location for a relaxed SPA day.

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 10 | 18

New In: In collaboration with Monnier Frères I was able to choose three wonderful Burberry products and I am still absolutely in love with all of them. In detail it is about this special, colorful bag, a 3 meter scarf as well as the famous “make-up bag”, which was also shown at the runway show and is currently being hyped. I was also able to get the new Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker in Paris, which has been on my wishlist ever since the show in October. Despite my cold I am really, really happy about my new goodies.

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weekly focus 10 | 18

27. Februar 2018


ENGWe are back from Milan and I am in bed with a huge cold, which is why this ‘weekly focus’ is a day late, too. I am still trying to recover as quickly as possible, because we are off to France for Paris Fashion Week tomorrow already. Even though we weren’t very lucky with the weather in Milan, we still had a great and inspirational time. My personal favorite this season definitely was attending the Fendi Show, which was a great excitement and honor for me as a fan. The new winter collection will be AMAZING, there are some really cool and wearable pieces for next season. If you want to get a personal insight of the show, definitely take a look at my fixated Instagram Story of Milan Fashion Week (#MFW). Besides the Fendi Show we also had presentations from brands such as Jimmy Choo, Furla, Coccinelle and Dodo Bar Or on our agenda. Milan is and will always be worth a trip, and especially during Fashion Week it has a very special flair. :-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We are going to Paris for a joint trip with H&M tomorrow, where the new H&M Studio Show will be shown. I am really excited for the H&M House and the show and will of course take you on this trip during the next couple of days through my Instagram Stories. Besides the H&M Studio Show we also have a number of presentations and events to attend in Paris, and I am especially excited for my Cartier Rendezvous. Since I get asked about my jewelry all the time, I have fixated some of the pieces on my Instagram Story with the title #CARTIERLOVE. Please take a look, they are really high quality and timeless pieces of jewelry, that are practically perfect for any occasion. In addition to that we have an exciting newsletter waiting for you this week, which an exciting designer sale; this time including: Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane and an Aigner bag as well as a pair of Prada sandals.

Register now at the landing page of my blog and you won’t miss an extra-load of ‘Aylin König’. ;-)

Favorite post of the weekweekly focus 09 | 18

New In: For the first time in a while some pieces by Edited the Label moved in with me. This time it’s two identically striped blouses in red and blue as well as a red striped Off-Shoulder blouse. I also got a spontaneous inquiry by the Italian brand Giuseppe Zanotti in Milan and was able to try this new slip-on sneaker, which I found incredibly comfortable and stylish straight away. I also got my beloved Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker in the newest colour combination of pink-black-white through Luisaviaroma and I am already excited to take them out in Paris. Last but not least I could also find this transparent Valentino bag and I’m totally in love with it, especially during the Spring and Summer months the bag will probably fit with every kind of outfit. 

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weekly focus 09 | 18

20. Februar 2018

ENGThe ‘weekly focus’ of last week is here a day late, because the last couple of days were unbelievably eventful. We started off the week by flying to Mallorca for three nights on Monday, to plan more details of our wedding. We enjoyed tastings of the dinner and the wedding cake and met with our wedding planner (Mallorca_Boutique_Weddings) and  florist (Florist_mallorca_Brigitta) and are so incredibly excited for our big day already. It’s unbelievable that it is only 4,5 more month until the big day, and I am slowly getting more and more nervous. We then took a mini-trip to the Berlinale on Friday, to celebrate the #TheDifferenceSheMakes campaign by Nespresso. We published an article about the topic on Sunday as well, which you can read again here. We then took the car from Berlin to Cologne, where we met up with our wonderful photographer for our wedding, (Tali__Photography) (We are already so excited for the magical photos) and for me to attend another fitting of a potential wedding dress.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The calm before the storm – From tomorrow until Sunday we will be attending Milan Fashion Week and I am so excited already! I am not only looking forward to all the lovely and well-known faces, but also the great events and shows and the Italian feeling! Deep down I am truly Italian and could eat Pizza and Pasta 24/7 and drink the best coffee! I will of course take you on the journey and I will try to give you as many insights as possible, especially since I will be attending the show of one of my favorite high-fashion brands – JOYFUL ANTICIPATION!


New In: Because spring is just around the corner now, I ordered a basket bag by LOEWE which is perfect for traveling or a trip to the beach. I also had a ravenous hunger for sunglasses, which is why I got three new models. One of them are these red/green Gucci sunglasses, a Cat-Eye by Céline  and last but not least black Cat-Eyes by Le Specs. Lastly, those wonderful golden earclip by Balenciaga were able to move in with me.

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#TheDifferenceSheMakes: Frauenpower in jeder Tasse mit Nespresso

18. Februar 2018


ENG This past Friday I attended a brunch event by Nespresso in line of the Berlinale, which was really interesting to me as an independent blogger. It was about the new #TheDifferenceSheMakes campaign, which is about female empowerment. The term covers measures and strategies to promote independence and autonomy of women, which is part of Nespresso’s sustainability program and aimed at the female coffee farmers in the particular growing countries. Since I, as an independent blogger, am in the situation all the time, where I have to self-responsibly make decisions that may have an impact on my immediate social surroundings, I was very keen on the idea of the campaign and the event.
In case you missed my Instagram Stories from last Friday, I would like to give you a personal insight on the brunch event in the following.

In order to make the topic known in Germany, I think Nespresso came up with something really special: The new Pink Latte is supposed to send a message for women and their impact on society in general. Not only in coffee farming, but also in areas like film and TV women take an important role and can make an important difference, true to the motto #TheDifferenceSheMakes. Bright pink and full of power, this is the statement Nespresso is making on the occasion of the Berlinale with the Pink Latte. In case you are wondering what’s behind the drink now yourselves, I would like to introduce you to the recipe here:

  • 10 ml Wild honey
  • 40 ml Espresso LE Robusta Uganda or Arpeggio
  • 25 ml Beetroot juice
  • 50 ml Milk

Firstly you give the honey into a large, 250ml glass, then brew the Espresso (40 ml) and add this to the glass and stir until mixed with the honey. Afterwards the milk and beetroot juice have to be stirred until foaming and can be added to the glass. To finish it off you can add the nutmeg to the froth and/or decorate the whole thing with a beetroot chip. It is a very unusual taste at first, but really delicious, and it’s an absolute eyecatcher too! 

To make a statement for strong and autonomous women with my outfit, I wore a knitted jacket with colorful ribbon decorations by Preen Line. With a simple Jeans by Lovers & Friends I wore the tough Balenciaga Boots, which are a statement in themselves already. The event last friday took place at the Nespresso Rooftop Café at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and it was definitely an impressive location for the topic of female empowerment.

From Tuesday the 20th February on you can all try the new Pink Latte in all Nespresso boutiques and take a stand for the empowerment of women.
In the follwing I have put together a couple of pictures from the event and the drink. Have a beautiful and relaxed Sunday!

DE: Am vergangenen Freitag war ich im Rahmen der Berlinale bei einem Brunch Event von Nespresso, das mich als selbstständige Bloggerin besonders interessiert hat. Es ging hierbei um die neue #TheDifferenceSheMakes Kampagne, bei der das Thema ‚female empowerment‘ im Mittelpunkt steht. Unter dem Begriff werden Maßnahmen und Strategien zur Förderung der Unabhängigkeit und Selbstbestimmung von Frauen verstanden, was sich als Teil des Nachhaltigkeitsprogramms von Nespresso an die Kaffeefarmerinnen in den jeweiligen Anbauländern richtet. Da ich mich als Bloggerin selbst regelmäßig in der Situation befinde, eigenverantwortlich Entscheidungen treffen zu müssen, die auch auf mein Umfeld Einfluss haben können, war ich von der Idee der Kampagne und des Events sofort angetan. Falls ihr meine Instagram Stories vom vergangenen Freitag verpasst haben solltet, möchte ich euch im Folgenden gerne noch einmal einen persönlichen Einblick vom Brunch Event gewähren.

Um das Thema auch in Deutschland bekannt zu machen, will Nespresso mit dem Pink Latte ein Zeichen für Frauen und ihren Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft im Allgemeinen setzen. Nicht nur im Kaffeeanbau, auch in Bereichen, wie Film und Fernsehen nehmen Frauen eine zentrale Rolle rein und können dabei den entscheidenden Unterschied ausmachen, getreu dem Kampagnenmotto #TheDifferenceSheMakes. Strahlend pink und voller Power, so will Nespresso anlässlich der Berlinale mit dem Pink Latte ein Statement setzen. Falls ihr nun selbst neugierig sein solltet, was sich hinter dem Getränk verbirgt, möchte ich euch gerne kurz das Rezept vorstellen:

  • 10 ml Waldhonig
  • 40 ml Espresso LE Robusta Uganda oder Arpeggio
  • 25 ml Rote Bete Saft
  • 50 ml Milch

Gebt zunächst 10ml Waldhonig in ein 250 ml Glas, bereitet dann einen Espresso (40 ml) im Glas zu und verrührt diesen mit dem Waldhonig. Anschließend müsst ihr die Milch und den Rote Bete Saft schäumen und den Milchschaum in das Glas geben. Zum Abschluss kann noch das Muskat auf den Milchschaum gerieben und/oder das Ganze mit einem Rote Bete Chip dekoriert werden. Ein zunächst ungewöhnlicher aber super leckerer Geschmack, optisch ist der Pink Latte auch definitiv ein Hingucker.

Um mit meinem Outfit selbst ein Zeichen für starke und selbstbestimmte Frauen zu setzen, habe ich für das Event eine Strickjacke mit bunten Schleifenverzierungen von Preen Line getragen. Neben einer schlichten Jeans von Lovers & Friends, habe ich mich zudem noch für die derben Balenciaga Boots entschieden, die schon für sich ein Statement darstellen.
Das Event am letzten Freitag fand im Nespresso Rooftop Café am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin statt und war für das Thema Frauen-Power definitiv eine beeindruckende Location.

Ab Dienstag, d. 20.02.18 könnt ihr in allen Nespresso Boutiquen den neuen Pink Latte probieren und damit selbst ein Zeichen zur Stärkung von Frauen setzen. Im Folgenden habe ich euch ein paar Bilder von dem Event und Getränk zusammengestellt. Habt alle einen schönen und entspannten Sonntag!


Aylin ♥

In ccoperation with Nespresso