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weekly focus 22 | 18

22. Mai 2018

ENGHappy Pentecost Weekend! I hope you get to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and have a few relaxed days during this perfect weather.
We had a rather quiet week in Hamburg and met up with friends, had smaller meetings and also eyed the wonderful weather. On Tuesday night we were invited to Izakaya to enjoy an exclusive dinner, which wasn’t only spectacular on the culinary side, but also the ambience an the group of people was just right.
On Saturday Milena and I hosted a blogger flea market at the secondhand store “SeconElla”, which was really fun and gave us great feedback. The atmosphere was great, which is why we will probably start another blogger market soon.
We spent the day yesterday at the baptism of our friend’s son and had a nice time. We spent the day with many friend and it felt good not to hold the phone for 10 hours a day and be practically ‘offline’ – I will do it more often in the future.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: It’s my big brother’s birthday today, which is why we are going to Bremen to the city to celebrate him properly. Other than that this week will be relatively quiet too, before flying to Ibiza with Karin and Georg next week. We got to each other properly on the island last year and are always in touch since,  and are looking forward to the revival. Other than that we have a call for an important project for the end of the summer today – keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I can tell you a little more by next week already. :-)
On Friday I will visit the Très-Click Team because I will be interviewed for their new section “It-Girls trying It-Things”.

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 21 | 18

New InI ordered loads at H&M last week, since I love the current collection. This black dress, a summery oversized-coat, an oversized black and purple blazer are a few of the things that moved in with us.
Other than that I have also told you that we have been working on our balcony in cooperation with Westwing a little, and you can find out outdoor furniture here.

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weekly focus 21 | 18

15. Mai 2018

ENGWe have spent most oder last week in Mallorca, to plan and organize the last bits and pieces of our upcoming wedding, and after the months and months of planning, the excitement grows every day.
Besides other things we visited our wedding location again, which is right in the center of Palma and an absolute gem to me. In 50 days we will be back on the island again and until then we will try to enjoy the last preparations, which can be a little tricky. In the coming days I will also post a “Best Of Mallorca” since I got many tips and recommendations from you and I want to put my favorites together in a blogpost for you.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: There is lots do to this week! Tonight we will go to the beautiful Izakaya Restaurant, which is located in the Sir Nicolai Hotel, because we were invited to end exclusive Japanese-Peruvian Dinner, which I am very excited for already.
Apart from that I have another important announcement to make: Together with the lovely Milena we will be hosting a Blogger Flea Market on Saturday the 19.5.18 in Hamburg. We will sell maze of our precious things at SecondElla, and here you can find all the details to the event. We would be so excited to see you there! :-)

Favorite post of the weekwhite bohemian Etro dress | Palma de Mallorca

New Ina huge delivery from naked arrived, which I have shown you in detail on Instagram already. I will show you my favorites here again: this Leo-Dress, a white and gold Maxi Dress this cool oversized denim jacket by Levi’s, a leopard blouse by Gestutz and these causal, round sunglasses. Psst… with the  code “AylinK20” you get 20% off on all NA-KD products! You should definitely take a look, it’s worth it!

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weekly focus 20 | 18

8. Mai 2018


ENGHola from Palma, where we currently are for the last preparations of our wedding. But before I tell you about what’s expecting us on the island within the next few days, I would like to get back to the most important thing of last week. My personal highlight was of course my birthday, which I spent in beautiful weather by the beach in Hamburg, surrounded by my family. As soon as it gets warmer, Hamburg has so much to offer and especially the beach by the river is very relaxing and just incredibly beautiful. We were planning on just having a relaxed sit-in that evening, but it escalated slightly and turned into a party that lasted until 3 am. ;-)
After an event at Vagabond in the Europapassage last Thursday I went to Berlin on Friday, to celebrate the new perfume ‘Omina Pink Sapphire’ by Bulgari. I really appreciate being able to travel so much and meet so many interesting people, who share my passion for fashion, lifestyle and travel. After we took our dog Summer to my parents over the weekend we then went on to Mallorca yesterday.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We will stay on the island until Friday, to hopefully make all last decisions regarding our wedding. This afternoon we have our first appointment to take a first look at the final table decor. I am really excited for it, especially since I got so much inspiration from Pinterest and love details. Tomorrow we then proceed with the tasting for the Pre-Event, which will take place on the evening before the wedding. The excitement is huge for this, since I am a big fan of the location and the service in Mallorca is incredible. Besides some more appointments with service providers we would love to just go and meet with an estate agent and look for a vacation home on the island. Deep down I am just a full blood Southerner, which is why we have the thought of a home in the south in our minds all the time. Unbelievable, that we will be married in just two month. Since we booked a car this time, we want to explore the island a little more and of course, create content, which is always interesting under these circumstances.

Favorite post of the weekWedding guest outfit inspiration

New InI keep shopping at Edited, since the new collection is just breathtaking. These super cool cowboy boots moved in with me, as well as a striped bathing suit & a striped bikini, a light summer coat (the one you saw and celebrated on Instagram yesterday, haha) a crop top and a mint coloured dress for a summer wedding, and a white jumpsuit. Apart from that the dear Mumshandmade-Team sent me a white, chunky knitted cardigan, which I love already.

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wedding guest outfit inspiration

6. Mai 2018

ENGAs you all probably know by now, our wedding is just around the corner now. The excitement is growing, but I’m also slowly getting a little nervous thinking about the big day.
We are taking another trip to Mallorca for a couple of day this month to add the finishing touches and plan the last few details, which I am really excited for already. Counting our own big day as well we are taking part in four weddings over the next couple of months – the wedding season is really in full swing. Still, being a wedding guest also means dressing appropriately – and I have gotten so many messages lately regarding that topic.
This is why I wanted to show you some of my favorite looks here, that I find perfect for every wedding. Even though some brides are not big fans, I think that classy black dresses are a great fit for a wedding. If the wedding is outdoors though, or even a destination wedding like in our case, fabrics like lace, chiffon, silk or satin belong to my favourites. The dresses by Self Portrait are so stylish and timeless, which I find really important when buying elegant dresses. Additionally, brands like Temperley London, Preen Line or even H&M oftentimes have beautiful, flowy dresses in their collections.

Are you invited to many weddings this year? And do you have one specific outfit that is your go-to-pick?

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weekly focus 19 | 18

30. April 2018

ENGI don’t have a proper excuse as to why it was so quiet on the blog in the last week, but somehow we had so many little things on the to-do-list that I wasn’t able to publish anything but my ‘weekly focus’. A little ashamed I will try to get better at it in the following days.
Last week our dear team member Sarah came to stay with us in Hamburg, and we talked about plans for the future for both the blog and general content. It was an incredibly productive time, and especially the Instagram-Story-Sale with over 400 emails, which got us amazing feedback. Even though some of you weren’t able to purchase anything, I will definitely hold another Sale very soon. ;-)
Our private highlight was definitely the Sam Smith concert, who has an even more impressive voice when he sings live, and he made the night incredible. In addition to that I visited the Reserved Store in Hamburg on Friday, and was able to celebrate the new collection with Instyle Germany. Alongside the editor in chief of the German edition, Kerstin Weng, I was asked a few trend questions in the store too, which was really interesting!

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: Since its the end of the month now and it’s technically time for a newsletter, I would like to announce a little change: In the future we will send out newsletters that are specific to one topic or theme, and not as the recaps we have been sending until now anymore. We believe that this change offers more value to you as well. So for this week we are planning an extensive Sale, which is supposed to add on to the Instagram Sale and the past Designer Sales in the Newsletter, since the feedback was so positive. In the following month we will focus more on travel, since we have a number of trips planned for the following weeks. We hope that this change will be well received with you guys, too. :-)
The highlight this week: My birthday on Wednesday! Fitting to that the weather is supposed to be better in Hamburg by then, so we can hopefully spend the day outside by the water. In addition to that we will have some last planning to do for our wedding on Mallorca, which is why we will be there hopefully for the last time before the wedding from next Monday on. It’s only two months left now… OMG! :-)

Favorite post of the week: weekly focus 18 | 18

New In: I really indulged this past week at H&M and got this dreamy, oversized dress in dark blue, a white body and a white shirt. In addition to that I got this statement Gucci Shirt in a collaboration with Net-A-Porter, my absolute dream dress by Etro and a beautiful dress by Magda Butrym.

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weekly focus 18 | 18

23. April 2018

ENGA sunny week of spring is just behind us now, which we mostly spent shooting new projects. I am very excited to post these and get your feedback on them. Saturday I went back to Kathleen, to get my hair curt back to shoulder length, which was unusual at first, but I loved it now. Because of the wonderful weather we have gotten our balcony back on track last week and made some more preparations for our wedding. It is incredibly, how much energy and time the planning of a wedding can take, but luckily it is going well, which is why excitement and nervousness are slowly growing.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: I have a number of personal things on my agenda for this week. I finally want to have a littöe Sale via Instagram Stories, and am additionally thinking about starting a Live-Video, to be able to interact with you directly. How do you like this idea generally?
Apart from that I am really excited for our dear team member Sarah to come to Hamburg on Thursday, so we can contemplate more future projects. I have many ideas in mind, which include the blog as well as new projects and areas. Even though I love blogging and my Instagram, I have had a passion project since college, which I can hopefully make a reality after the wedding. Of course I will keep you updated, when it is time, but I also want to point you to our newsletter that will be sent out by the end of the month: In a couple of days it’s time again and the extra dose of Aylin Köniug is waiting for you with a new designer sale and important topics from the month of April. Sign up on the landing page of my blog, for when the newsletter will be sent out at the end of the month.

Favorite post of the week: outfit | spring time in Hamburg

New In: An absolute dream dress by Temperley London with matching sandals arrived here last week. We have improved our balcony with a couple little things such as an outdoor carpet, a golden torch and a black watering can. On top of that I added this long silk dress, a caftan and a pair of mules from the H&M Conscious Collection to my closet.

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weekly focus 17 | 18

17. April 2018

ENGWe have been back from vacation for a couple of days now and enjoy Hamburg incredibly, since spring has finally arrived and the vibe in the city immediately changes positively straight away. On Thursday, right after the H&M Take Care Event, we went back home to pick up our dog, who we miss so much on every trip. Yet, we know that she really enjoys her ‘vacation’ at my parents house – haha. Other than that last week was relatively quiet, except for some time spent with friends and family.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: The week started out with a visit of the Pop-Up Spa by M2 Beauté, which is still open until today at the AEZ in Hamburg. You can get a beauty treatment and find out more about the great brand there. I am a huge fan of the lash serum. Furthermore we have some interesting press days and meetings coming up this week, which I am really looking forward to. Apart from that we are planning another little trip to Mallorca, to make some final decisions for our wedding and will take a little trip to Ibiza in line with that.

Favorite post of the weekSummer looks Dubai & Abu Dhabi

New In: Since I love wearing adidas slippers during summer, I went for a white pair. On top of that a black Free People dress moved in with me, which I own in creme already and another boho style maxi dress. That’s it! :-)

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weekly focus 16 | 18

9. April 2018


ENGHello from Abu Dhabi, where we are arrived yesterday. After five days in Dubai it now took us to Abu Dhabi. We wanted to get our own impressions of the city, after friends and family had very varying opinions on it. While some prefer Dubai, many are convinced of Abu Dhabi being the more beautiful emirat, so we are very excited for the next couple of days and the direct comparison of the two.
I am getting many messages on Instagram asking if I will be writing a more detailed travel report on our stay in Dubai, and I can definitely say YES! We will definitely put together a blogpost on our stay in the emirates, with all my impressions and tips and recommendations for when you are planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates too. I don’t want to give away too much, but so far we’ve had an amazing time, so stay tuned. ;-)

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We are currently in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel in Abu Dhabi with a direct view of the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which we want to visit today straight away. The hotel doesn’t only have a beautiful pool area and a great section of the beach, but also their own little wharf, to go on canal trip to the nearby ‘Souk’ (traditional market). Our first impression of the hotel is absolutely positive, but more on this will follow after we are back. :-)
Once we are back in Germany we are immediately off to an event on Thursday in Hamburg, which will be at the H&M Showroom, where the new ‘Conscious Collection’ will be presented. I will take you there via my Instagram Stories of course, and I have also fixated my stories from Dubai on my account. Please feel free to take a look.

Favorite post of the weektrend report | white summer dresses

New In: After I had been out off in Milan, Paris and a number of German cities while looking for the DIOR Tote Bag, I finally found it in Dubai. One last bag was available at ‘The Mall Dubai’ and I just couldn’t resist. The new Edited the Label collection is online too, and I immediately fell in love with this One-Shoulder dress, which is available in brown and orange. In addition to that an oversized blouse in white and a casual pair of jeans landed in my basket. Last but not least and as I have mentioned on Instagram, we have decided to get a Leica camera, since our Canon reflex camera was just too large and heavy for our travels. First impressions? We are so, so happy that we decided to go for the Leica Q, the quality of the pictures, the handling of the camera and the functionality are absolutely positive and has more than convinced us already.

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trend report | white summer dresses

6. April 2018

ENGFinally it’s time: I can wear my beloved white dresses again. As you have probably seen on my Instagram account I am in Dubai since Monday, and I don’t only enjoy the surroundings, but also the climate. The cold and especially the rain back home have really been a bummer lately, especially because love the sun so much and love styling summery outfits. Since you all enjoyed my last photos so much, I wanted to go into a little more detail on my current favorite trend: white summer dresses. Especially with slightly tanned skin and handpicked accessories, great outfits are easy to create. For example I love wearing big sunglasses and sandals – and the outfit is almost ready. I also love using different scarves as headbands or hair ties, because they let my hair look perfectly styled after a long day in the water. I have put together a little selection of dresses that I personally really like – and I hope they will finally bring summer to Germany after all!

Have fun looking through them and sunny greetings from Dubai. :-) Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 15 | 18

4. April 2018

ENGHello from Dubai, where we are since yesterday morning. We are here for the first time and absolutely blown away by the scenery and the city – it’s just incredible. Let’s see what we’ll experience in the next couple of days before flying to Abu Dhabi on Sunday. The last week was relatively quiet since we spent most of it in Hamburg and the Easter holidays with our families.

Favorites of the Week: 

To Do: We arrived yesterday morning after a night flight and that meant we weren’t able to check in straight away – which wasn’t a problem at all, since we just went straight to the beach to catch up on some sleep. We are staying at the Five Palm Hotel and are absolutely amazed by the service and the feeling that we got from our first impressions. Only the building sites surrounding the area give a hint on what developments will be happening in the near future. Especially the rooftop with the bar panoramic view is amazing and the interior of the hotel is great, with the rooms being modern and inviting.
Completely tired but really intrigued we then went on a discovery tour last night and went downtown to see the Burj Kahlifa and the water fountains from close by. We went to the Turkish restaurant “Günaydin” to enjoy the breathtaking ‘fountain show’ during dinner. Afterwards we went to the largest shopping center in the world, ‘The Mall Dubai’. What can I say: it was just impressive and incredibly beautiful. I think you’d need an entire day to discover all the different parts of the mall.
Dubai isn’t only stunning, but I’ve also never seen a city this clean and well taken care of. The hospitality and activities we are offered are rich, which means that the next couple of days will hopefully be just as interesting as the first.
I will definitely keep you posted on Instagram and would like to take the chance to thank everyone for the great tipps and recommendations. :-)

Favorite post of the weekWhat´s in my bag for Dubai/Abu Dhabi 

New In: Some great Revolve pieces will be moving in with me, which unfortunately didn’t make it in time for Dubai – but that just gets me excited to come home to them after the holiday.
One of them is this whit the body and the matching skirt, a beautiful cropped top and a play suit. It would have been perfect for the summer vacation, but they will just have to come with me next time! In addition to that I added a cropped hoodie by Acne to my collection last week.

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