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17. Januar 2018

ENGGreetings from cold Berlin! I hope you all had a great week so far – and apologies for this ‘weekly focus’ being so late. Again, Berlin Fashion Week is full of exciting collaborations and appointments, which is why I just wasn’t able to get back to you any earlier. Fashion Week is always a great opportunity to get inspiration for new outfits, of which I will show you a few within the next couple of days on my Instagram account. :-)

Favorites of the Week:  

To Do: Of course last week mainly consisted of preparing for Berlin, and luckily we were also able to get a lot done for our wedding, too. Naturally, we still have a lot to do in the next few days, and we are in Berlin until Friday with the whole team. As I mentioned last week, we aren’t only working on a number of photo projects, but also on a film production, to give you the chance to gain even more insights into my everyday at Fashion Week. I am incredibly excited to show you this project soon, but until then I’m not able to tell you much more.
In collaboration with Catrice and the ‘Berliner Salon’ we are taking part in a number of different fashion shows and presentations, where, amongst others, also the collections by Dawid Tomaszewski and William Fan will be shown. In line with the partnership we are staying in the beautiful ‘Hotel de Rome’ right at the Opera in Berlin, which I can only recommend for a stay in Berlin in regards to location and service.
As I have mentioned a couple of times in the past, we are offering a monthly NEWSLETTER starting at the end of January, in which we will put together the highlights of the past month and give you even more exclusive insights and the chance to partake in a designer sale. You can sign up for the newsletter at the home page of my blog.


Favorite post of the weektrend report | filigree jewelry

New In: Just in time for Fashion Week I shopped a couple of pieces at H&M trend: Last week two knitted jumpers moved in with me, one of them black and the other one beige. With the perfect Fashion Week timing I was able to shoot a look with it straight away too, which I will show you within the next days. In addition to that I also ordered a blue/white/red skirt at H&M trend in a maritime look, which I will show you soon on my Instagram account.
I am especially excited about my delivery from LUISAVIAROMA, which was sent to Berlin straight away. This contains a Fendi bag, a white Valentino Rock-Stud bag, a single Balenciaga sweater, as well as a pair of sunglasses by Linda Farrow. You can be excited, and I will keep you up to date on my Instagram account and via IG stories.

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Trend report | filigree jewelry

14. Januar 2018

ENG: With regard to your ongoing inquiries concerning my ear jewelry and rings, I thought it’s time for a new trend report. For me filigree jewelry is an essential part of my everyday life, especially my wrists and fingers are covered with various pieces of jewelry. No matter if you choose stylish rings, elegant charms, gentle necklaces or characteristic earrings, jewelry has the power to upgrade every kind of look in a highly directed and effective way. Especially my ear cuffs generate so much attention and feedback on Instagram, so I decided to use this trend report for a selection of my preferred jewelry at the moment. Most of the pieces belong to Loren Stewart, Pandora, Cartier and the lovely Ariane Ernst. I’m totally convinced of the following selection, in case of inquiries or further information, you can gladly leave your feedback below.

Have fun looking and rummaging. Maybe there’s also a suited piece for you! Continue Reading…

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weekly focus 02 | 18

9. Januar 2018

ENG: A very relaxing week is behind us where we were able to take out some time to heal our colds and aching throats, which means that this week I can fully focus on new projects and posts for you. Apart from the every day business we are intensely working on the newsletter for the end of the month and we also made some progress in regards to our wedding during the last few days. If you want to find out more about our Newsletter you can sign up on the homepage of my blog and take the chance to partake in an exclusive Designer-Sale.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We will be spending most of this week in Hamburg, before going to Berlin next week. The Fashion Week is coming up now and we still have a few things to prepare. I am especially excited for fashion week, because our team member Sarah is accompanying us, which means that we can produce even more exciting content for you.
But even before that we have another exciting date coming up, which is the visit of the Musical “The Lion King”. We watched it for the first time about ten years ago and as a great Disney-and Musical-Fan I am really excited for the show.
Apart from that I have spent my day with the amazing Kathleen, who put some life and structure back into my hair; you can find out more about that in today’s Instagram-Story. I get asked about who does my hair all the time, which is why I can only recommend Kathleen’s Instagram-Account.

Favorite post of the weekMax Mara oversized coat & Gucci belt

New In: I found this wonderful ‘oversized’ coat by Max Mara at Vite EnVogue, as well as an amazing pair Aquazzura Heels and a Dorothee Schumacher fur jacket. I have integrated the Max Mara Coat into a look last Sunday and wrote a blog post about it too, and the heels and fur jacket will be put to use during the Fashion Week in Berlin next week.

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weekly focus 01 | 18

2. Januar 2018

ENG: Happy New Year lovelies! I hope everyone entered the new year healthy and happy. We spent the new years eve in Ischgl, Austria and had a wonderful time. We weren’t only incredibly lucky with the weather, but being alone with my fiance without any big responsibilities was wonderful and definitely helped me gain motivation and enthusiasm for the new year. We stayed at the stylish Zhero Hotel, which I can only recommend and Ischgl has so much to offer: a versatile skiing area and especially in good weather it offers an incomparable panoramic view of the Alps. Since Tobi did well on skis the next winter vacation is only a matter of time. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: The first week of 2018 starts out relatively relaxed, even though the time until our wedding in the summer is getting less and less and there is still a lot to organize until then. It is going to be an extremely exciting year for us, including blog projects and progress in wedding planning, and I can’t wait to take you all on this incredible journey.
There is also a little alteration on the blog, which is the chance to sign up for our NEWSLETTER, which we will start sending out to you on a monthly basis as of the end of January. Here we will show you the monthly highlights and I also decided to sell some of my favorite designer pieces such as handbags, shoes, coats and co. So if you are up for another slice of “Aylin König”, I would love it if you signed up for the newsletter.

Favorite post of the week: Travel moments 2017

New In: I ordered a blue fake-fur coat at H&M, which I already own in pink, too. I just love everything about these coats, the quality, the way they fit, the colors that are available – they are just awesome.  I also ordered a purple cashmere pullover at H&M and an oversized scarf by ACNE Studios via MyTheresa, which will definitely spice up some outfits.
Since my ‘weekly focus’ blog posts were very well received in 2017, I would like to ask for your opinion regarding a new section or if you would like to get insights on any specific topic? Please leave any feedback in regards to this, and I am already looking forward to the upcoming weeks and months with you :-)

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Travel moments 2017

31. Dezember 2017

ENGWhere do I even start, when thinking of 2017? I am just completely overwhelmed by everything that happened this year, what trips we were able to go on and what developments we were able to realize this year with the blog. I already knew that I would like to work independently and freely develop while I was still in university. And that we have really come to this point is just amazing, especially since my darling fiance is on board with me full time since March. Then in October, another enchanting member joined our team, called Sarah.
It is a huge privilege to me to be able to work independently and therefore manage my time myself and work in different parts of the world.
I have never seen as many wonderful places as I have this year, and in 2018 I would like to focus on traveling again as well and take you on all these adventures with me.

My personal thanks goes to every single one of you, since you are my daily motivation and always faithful by my side. I get so many private messages and comments and I am always so excited! I would like to take you all on a little time travel and show you this year’s travel destinations.

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weekly focus 51 | 17

27. Dezember 2017

ENG: Today is this year’s last ‘weekly focus’ – unbelievable, how fast this year has passed and how many incredible things we were able to experience this year. First, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas with all your loved ones. It was quiet peaceful and merry, but my health was acting up a little during the last couple of days, and I am still fighting a tonsilitis. Other than that, the last week was shaped by the preparations for Christmas and lots of time with our families – which was something we enjoyed and haven’t been able to do in a while. :-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: Tomorrow we are on the road for a spontaneous car trip to Ischgl, to spend a couple of days in the snow. I am really excited, despite my health issues, because I loved skiing ever since I was a child and will hopefully be able to convince my fiancee of it as well. We will, of course, use the time to produce winterly content for you, as the really cold days are yet to come.
Since we will celebrate New Year’s Eve in Ischgl, I would like to take the chance and wish you all a wonderful start to 2018 and would like to thank you for your constant and frequent feedback and the support here on the blog as well as on Instagram. We will tell you all about exciting projects, interesting travels and news on the blog, and I am already excited for the coming weeks and months together with you. :-)

Favorite post of the weekcasual festive look

New In: Last week I was mostly excited about a Vintage Chanel belt bag made of red velvet and a golden link chain. I had been looking for a belt bag for quite some time now and am even happier that it turned out to be a Vintage Chanel piece.
I also got the “Trinity de Cartier” bracelet as a Christmas present from Cartier, which obviously made me incredibly happy. On top of that, my darling fiance surprised me with an amazing Oversized Coat by ACNE Studios, which is designed in three colors and incredibly comfortable. As you can probably guess, I will show you the coat with a matching outfit very soon on my Instagram-Account.

Again, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy new year – I am already looking forward to your feedback to my winterly posts in the next couple of days and a great and successful upcoming year.

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weekly focus 50 | 17

19. Dezember 2017


ENG: The last week before Christmas has begun and it’s Christmas Eve i six days already. Crazy, how fast time passed this year, but I am still excited for a hopefully relaxed end of this year. I have spent the entire last week in Hamburg, because the end of the year always brings important tax-tasks, and we also had a number of exciting projects and photo-sessions. Then on Friday we went to Bremen with friends to see the Musical “The Beauty and the Beast”, which was really beautiful and something I can only recommend. Then last night I made my way to Cologne for a very special appointment; and I can hopefully tell you more about that later.

Favorites of the week

To Do: We have almost finished all important projects for this year, which is why we can finally enjoy some time in our apartment, especially with our little dog, Summer. We will be spending this week in Hamburg too, especially because we invited the entire family to spend Christmas Eve at our place, and we still have lots to prepare for that. It will be the first Christmas at our apartment, which is why I can decorate and plan everything according to how I want it to be. To be honest we are still thinking about traveling to the Alps between Christmas and New Years. I am a huge skiing fan and have a number of amazing hotels in Austria and Switzerland in mind, which would be perfect for a ski-trip and to relax. What do you guys think, do you know any Spa-Hotels in skiing areas?

Advent Calendar special: I am absolutely overwhelmed at how amazing the feedback to the latest raffles was. To finish the calendar off we have one more prize by the beauty brand ANNY waiting for you, with whom I will giveaway a really high-end set of nailpolishes. You can find out more information about that on my Instagram Account next week.

X-Mas Gift Ideas: Yesterday I introduced you to my favorite pieces of jewellry by Pandora. I mentioned that Pandora, and especially their Christmas collection are a perfect Christmas gift, because the products are so incredibly versatile that anybody would find something they love. I am always happy about jewellry since I get to wear it almost every day and combine them with a huge variety of outfits. By the way; you can still participate in the raffle with Pandora until tonight. Here you can win a set of premium jewelry worth almost 500€! You can find the post here.

Favorite post of the weeklast minute Xmas gift guide

New In: I can barely believe it myself, but nothing new moved in with me in the last week. Online-Shopping has somewhat passed me, but with Chrismtmas being so close that can also be a good thing, especially because the Sale will start just after Christmas again ;-) Instead it was rather about gathering all the gifts for our loved once, even though I will still have to go back to the Christmas-Shopping-Craziness this week – for a last time. But I guess many of you feel the same way?! :-)

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#DOGetWhatYouWishFor | Pandora favorites

17. Dezember 2017


ENGJust in line with the Christmas Wish List that I introduced to you on Wednesday, I am now presenting you my all time favorite jewelry pieces. These are some wonderful Pandora pieces – and as you know I’ve been a great Pandora fan for a long time.
As you can see in many of my Instagram-Posts, I like to wear many different rings and bracelets, styling them differently or layer them – whether they are simple or eye-catchers – I wear them all. And that is why I think that jewelry is a great gift idea for women of all ages – because, let’s be honest ladies: Who wouldn’t be excited about a little box with high quality jewelry under the tree?!
I personally don’t have a preference of silver or golden jewelry, and since I like to combine different styles I don’t prefer a certain colour nuance, but no matter which you like best: Pandora offers jewelry for every taste. The winter collection includes golden and rose golden pieces, as well as some highlights in silver. Some of my personal favorites are these shiny silver rings or the golden counterpart.
As you can see, the collection is very versatile which is why I think that everyone could find something they love – so ladies, get to writing that wish list, and men: get to reading that wish list! Especially for you, the current survey could be interesting, which says that clear clues can help to get the right gift on Christmas day. ;-)

Later this day there will be a new raffle on my Instagram account. You will have the chance to win a very special jewelry set from the latest Pandora winter collection. Head over, it’s worth it.

I wish all of you a nice Third Sunday in Advent!

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last minute Christmas gift guide

13. Dezember 2017

ENGSince I am a bit late with my Christmas shopping, and I still don’t know all the gift-ideas either, I thought I would turn my struggle into something useful and put together a Christmas Shopping List with my favorite products from different areas. I hope I can be of assistance to some of you in finding unique and creative gift ideas, while possibly even finding some more inspiration myself. ;-)
What I love most at the moment are interior products and jewelry, but of course clothing as well as beauty products are always great too, which is why those are the areas I focused on in my personal wish list.

How are you guys getting on with Christmas shopping? What gifts are giving away this season?

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weekly focus 49 | 17

11. Dezember 2017


ENG: Hello from snowy Hamburg! We finally had some snow up North as well, and as of right now it’s not melting yet. Since I was on skis in Austria when I was three years old already, I absolutely love the winterly and especially christmassy feeling the snow brings. I would love to just go back to the alps, but we’re going to have to postpone the trip to the new year, because we still have a lot to do before Christmas.
I have spent most of last week in Hamburg. Then on Tuesday, the dear Dr. Barbara Sturm invited to a Christmas Dinner in the beautiful Izakaya in Hamburg, which turned out to be a beautiful night with delicious food. Then on Wednesday it was finally time – Karl Lagerfeld showed his unique Chanel Show at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with an aftershow-party afterwards, which took place at the Fischauktionshalle. The atmosphere at the party was relaxed, while the location perfectly reflected Hamburg’s charme – it was definitely my personal highlight of the past week. Then on Thursday we went on to Apropos, where the lovely Aysen from the label AYBI invited us to the launch of her new AYBIxDisney collection. I was able to pick an outfit in form of a checkered dress and a black hoodie with the Disney character Thumper on the back. On Saturday morning I took a flight to Düsseldorf, to spend an exciting day with MOU Boots at Breuninger Düsseldorf. It was definitely an eventful week with great labels and lovely moments.
Since we invited the entire family for Christmas night, a giant Christmas tree just moved in with us – and you know how much I love the Christmas feeling. ;-)

Favorites of the week

To Do: I will stay in Hamburg all week to progress with the Christmas- and Wedding preparations, and we also have a number of existing cooperations waiting for us, that I am not going to keep from you. Tomorrow I will be back at the beautiful Izakaya, to take part in a Christmas dinner. Since it was my best friend’s birthday, we invited him to the Musical Theatre in Bremen to see “The Beauty and The Beast”, and since I am a huge Disney fan myself I am really excited too!

Advent Calendar special: With so much positive feedback for the last pieces of the advent calendar, I just want to take the time to thank you again for all the nice comments and all the interaction. We are continuing the calendar this week with awesome wins again, and prizes from Desenio, Nordisch Nobelle and Pandora are waiting for you. You can win a 300€ gift card from Desenio tomorrow, with which you can get wonderful pictures for your apartment. I get asked all the time where I get these pictures from, and 90% of the time they are from Desenio. In cooperation with Nordisch Nobelle I am allowed to draw a very exclusive Hermès bracelet, the prize in regards of the Pandora collaboration is a sophisticated gifting set with products from the latest autumn-/winter collection. You can get all the details on how to participate from tomorrow on at my Instagram Account. :-)

X-Mas Gift Ideas: Have you guys seen my own little online shop at Westwing? On the landing page you can see all of my finds and possibly even find some inspiration for yourself. To me the interior products are always a great gift idea. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lettered-mug, a lab, a vase or a painting – I am always happy about decorative interior products. Do you guys feel the same? Maybe you can find something for your loved ones there too – so take a look when you get the chance!

Favorite post of the weekweekly focus 48 | 17

New In: I got so many messages asking about the color of my MOU Boots, which is why I want to link them here for you. The comfort of the shoes is definitely something I can only recommend, which is why I think they’re the most comfortable winter shoes I own at the moment. Other than that, this black oversized-coat as well as the perfectly fitting velvet blazer moved in with me, which are perfect for the festive days. I also got the Glow Drops Serum from Dr. Barbara Sturm, which I wear every day, because I am so in love with the natural GLOW! I can only recommend it…

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